Tuesday, November 30, 2010

See you tonight at the Love Rally!

Join your fellow El Pasoans for an evening of love and protest at the Word of Life Church where Pastor Tom Brown will be preaching. Bring a sign that illustrates love (i.e. Jesus loves his gay brothers) to hold up for the people that attend Pastor Tom Brown's church.

Please only attend this event is you are in solidarity with this cause and that you believe all men and women deserve equal human rights and access to health coverage, marriage benefits and more.

When: Tuesday, November 30 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Where: Word of Life Church, 11675 Pratt Ave., El Paso, TX 79936

Shamaley Chime n Rhyme Week 5 Winners!

Congratulations to the Hillside Gamblers for winning this week's Shamaley Chime n Rhyme Jingle Contest. There are three more weeks to participate, sign up at www.shamaley.com.

Why are you attending the Love Rally?

We are confident tonight's Love Rally is going to be a success! We asked people why they are attending tonight's Love Rally and pasted several of the responses below, hopefully this will inspire you to attend too;

"I'm attending the love Rally because I know that for more than 95% of Gays and Lesbians their sexual orientation is not a choice. My son and nephew are both Gay and I knew that it was a possibility since way before they had any idea what sex or sexuality are. They had no more choice about their sexual orientation than I had , yet they are constantly "crucified" for being who they are, as are so many Gays and Lesbians. We have been taught to love our neighbors as ourselves. What is so hard about that?"

"I will most absolutely be there in spirit sending love and good karma. Also sending more than just love but strong will and determination through good energy. EVERYONE deserves the right to love and be loved!"

"I am attending because the only way to beat hate is through love. I am going because I believe in God and Jesus and nothing in what I was ever taught tells me to hate someone because of who they love. I am going because acceptance is WWJD!"

"I have no hope that we can change the mind of the "Pastor Brown hoard", but I believe that we can demonstrate that God's Love does not include bigotry and exclusion. Life is about making this world into God's Kingdom by eliminating hatred and abuse."

"I am attending because I want my children to understand human rights,and that includes the right to love the human being of your choice. As Latinos, a few decades ago, my children would not have the opportunities they have. Now imagine if they were not even allowed to marry the person they choose to love or to even care for their beloved when he/she is sick or when you die just because someone thinks you do not have the right to love that human being."

Event Info:

For the rally, everyone is encouraged to bring a sign that illustrates love (e.g. "Everyone Deserves Love & Health Benefits", "God Loves All His Children") to show Pastor Tom Brown and his followers that El Paso stands for equal rights and against harmful discrimination.

The first 25 people to arrive at the Love Rally get a free meal from the Tacoholics Taco Truck compliments of Law Office of Lyda Ness-Garcia PC.

When: Tuesday, November 30 · 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Where: Word of Life Church, 11675 Pratt Ave., El Paso, TX 79936

Monday, November 29, 2010

Get ready for the El Paso Marathon!

El Paso Marathon Race 2010 from MindWarp LLC on Vimeo.

This video about the El Paso Marathon is incredibly inspiring, take a minute to watch it!

From http://elpasomarathon.org

Our Mission

The El Paso Marathon Foundation mission is to organize a first class marathon that promotes health and fitness in the community, brings tourism to the region of El Paso and provides support to local and national non-profit organizations.

El Paso Marathon Foundation supports the following non-profit organizations:
Avance of El Paso

The mission of AVANCE – El Paso is to help young families break the cycle of poverty through early childhood development, parenting, adult literacy and healthy marriages. We serve over 3,000 parents and children annually at fourteen schools across El Paso county and two sites in southern Doña Ana County, New Mexico . We are governed by a local Board of Directors and funded by public and private grants, contributions, and the United Way.
Volar Center for Independent Living

Volar CIL is an organization of and for people with disabilities advocating human and civil rights, community options, empowering people to live the lives they choose.
El Paso Humane Society

The Mission of the Humane Society of El Paso is dedicated to preventing suffering, neglect, abuse and cruelty to animals, providing information, raising public awareness of animal issues, promoting responsible pet ownership, and kindness towards all living things
El Paso Police Foundation

Assisting the El Paso Police Department with funding to improve public safety & community partnerships.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love Rally News

We are thrilled to announce that the Tacoholics Taco Truck will be at the Love Rally on Nov. 30 at the Word of Life Church starting at 6:30 p.m. Jess Pena, owner of Tacoholics will be cooking up delicious top sirloin street tacos for everyone in attendance. His tacos are AWESOME!

Thanks to the Law Offices of Lyda Ness-Garcia, the first 25 customers at the taco truck will be treated to a free meal! Lyda knows just how much energy you need at a rally and Jesse's tacos are a great source of protein.

Because this rally is about love and solidarity, we are not going to spend any time spreading Preacher Tom Brown's crazy, hateful messages. I bring this up as many of you have asked why don't I post his videos on exorcising the gay spirit out of people, and other crazy You Tube videos he created. If you want to circulate these items, please do, I'm just not going to use this blog to spread hate; Love and tacos only.

Please help spread the word about the rally and cut and paste the press release below into an email message to send to all of our email contacts and friends.


For Immediate Release: November 24, 2010

Contact: Lisa Degliantoni, thelisadshow@gmail.com

Love Rally

El Paso, TX – Did you vote for the city to extend benefits to domestic partners? Join your fellow El Pasoans supporting equal rights for a night of solidarity, love and peaceful protest at the Word of Life Church where Pastor Tom Brown will be preaching on Nov. 30 at 6:30 p.m.

Pastor Tom Brown is the author and driving force behind the voter approved ordinance to remove health insurance benefits for domestic partners employed by the City of El Paso. His objection to the ordinance stems from a belief that homosexuality is an immoral threat to "family values" and that homosexuals choose to behave in a sinful fashion. This goes against overwhelming scientific, medical and psychological findings which demonstrate that homosexual orientation is a normal part of life. It also continues a long struggle by the El Paso LGBTQ community and straight supporters to battle harmful misconceptions and discrimination. The movement for equal human rights is especially critical now given the rash of bullying against gay youth - even here in El Paso - and an alarming increase in suicides.

For the rally, everyone is encouraged to bring a sign that illustrates love (e.g. "Everyone Deserves Love & Health Benefits", "God Loves All His Children") to show Pastor Tom Brown and his followers that El Paso stands for equal rights and against harmful discrimination.

The first 25 people to arrive at the Love Rally get a free meal from the Tacoholics Taco Truck compliments of Law Office of Lyda Ness-Garcia PC.

When: Tuesday, November 30 · 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Where: Word of Life Church, 11675 Pratt Ave., El Paso, TX 79936

For more information contact Lisa Degliantoni at thelisadshow@gmail.com.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

11.24.10 Today's Show: Love Rally on November 30th

Today on The Lisa D Show at noon we are talking about next Tuesday's Love Rally at Pastor Tom Brown's church, it's going to be so awesome. A little Rally for Sanity and little Love In, this event is designed to help unite El Pasoans who are unhappy with the recent vote to remove health benefits for same sex couples working for the City of El Paso. We'll brain storm about effective signs, we'll talk about how to get a ton of media coverage and we'll also discuss how to get lots of people at the event!


Join your fellow El Pasoans for an evening of love and protest at the Word of Life Church where Pastor Tom Brown will be preaching. Bring a sign that illustrates love (i.e. Jesus loves his gay brothers) to hold up for the people that attend Pastor Tom Brown's church.

Please only attend this event is you are in solidarity with this cause and that you believe all men and women deserve equal human rights and access to health coverage, marriage benefits and more.

When: Tuesday, November 30 · 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Where: Word of Life Church, 11675 Pratt Ave., El Paso, TX 79936

Tune into the show at KHRO 1150 AM or stream the show at www.talkradio1150.com. Also, feel free to call the show at 915.880.4376 or send an email to thelisadshow@gmail.com.

Week #5: Shamaley Chime n Rhyme

If you want to submit your jingle for the chance to win $250, visit www.shamaley.com.

Visit Shamaely Chime n Rhyme on Facebook for more of this week's videos!

El Paso Marathon Kicks Off With a Party

The El Paso Marathon Foundation is kicking off the Fifth Annual Michelob Ultra El Paso Marathon with a big El Paso fiesta on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at The Garden restaurant and bar located at 511 Western, from 5:30p to 7p.

Everyone is welcome! Past runners, new runners, curious runners and the El Paso community is invited to help us kick off the 2011 El Paso Marathon. Whether you’re assembling a team or plan on meeting a personal goal by participating in the marathon, the kick-off party is a great way to get inspired and get training. Meet like-minded runners, get training tips, cash in on the discount and have a great time.

The El Paso Marathon will take place on Sunday, March 6, 2011, and we’re getting the party started now to kick start your training. “For runners, this is a reminder that their training should be getting more formal now, and what better way to celebrate the start of your training for El Paso’s premier 26.2 Mile fiesta than a fiesta?,” said race director Mike Coulter. New runners will need to start slow and increase mileage little by little. Seasoned marathoners are already in training.

If you’d like to be a part of the excitement but aren’t planning on running, come down to the kickoff party and sign up to volunteer with the El Paso Marathon.

The El Paso Marathon organization continues to grow in strides each year. What started in 2006 with 1,100 runners has been on a healthy growth path--we’re expecting close to 4000 people to take to the streets in 2011!

Kickoff Party Info

Anyone wearing a past-year El Paso Marathon T-Shirt who registers at the kick off party will receive a $5 discount from pre- registration prices of $70.00 for full-marathon, $50.00 for half marathon, $35.00 for 5k run/walk.

Date: Thursday, December 9, 2010
Time: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Place: The Garden Restaurant and Bar, 511 Western
Admission: FREE

For more information please visit www.elpasomarathon.org  

About Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra has partnered with key running and cycling events nationwide as part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to adult fitness and the sports of running and cycling. Michelob Ultra is proud to include the Michelob Ultra El Paso Marathon as one of these premier adult fitness events. Michelob Ultra sponsors over 40 such events across the U.S. ranging in size from 2,000-65,000 participants. With these sponsorships Michelob Ultra continues its commitment to promote fun, healthy and active adult lifestyles. 

About the El Paso Marathon Foundation
The El Paso Marathon Foundation mission is to organize a first-class marathon that promotes health and fitness in the community, brings tourism to the region of El Paso and provides support to local and national non-profit organizations.

El Paso: Museum Holiday Closures

Museums & Cultural Affairs Department


For Immediate Release:  November 23, 2010

Contact: Juli Lozano, Public Affairs @ 541-4010 or 472-1949      



Museum Holiday Closures


El Paso, TX – The public is advised that due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the three municipally operated museums, Art, History and Archaeology will be closed Thursday, November 25th and Friday November 26thThe museums will resume regular hours of operation on Saturday, November 27th


Hours of Operation:


El Paso Museum of Art


Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursdays 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays and City Holidays


El Paso Museum of History


Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Thursdays 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays and City Holidays


El Paso Museum of Archaeology


Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays and City Holidays


For more information contact Victor Guerrero (915) 541-4942 or (915) 494-6743.






Victor Guerrero

Marketing and Cultural Tourism Coordinator

915.541.4942 Office

915.494.6743 Mobile


2 Civic Center Plaza, El Paso TX  79901

Adopt a Soldier

This year Fort Bliss put its Adopt a Soldier program online with a very user friendly website. Register as a host or a soldier and spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with a soldier. Click here to visit the wesbsite, https://www.bliss.army.mil/AdoptASoldier/index.html.

11.23.10: Today's Show

Today on The Lisa D Show at noon we're going to talk to Ernie Hernandez from Ardovino's Desert Crossing about this Wednesday's wine tasting!

Info: Grand Tasting
Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Our annual Grand Tasting, the last wine social of the year, will be hosted on Wednesday, November 24, at 7 pm. in the Mecca Lounge Sample a unique selection of wines & champagnes, which include: Antinori Tormaresca Neprica, Villa Pozzi Nero D'Avola, Zardetto Prosecco, Domaine Ste. Michelle, Nicolas Feuillatte, Gruet Blanc de Blancs and Gruet Blanc de Noirs. Also, enjoy our chef’s selection of hors d’oeuvres and live music by James Clarkston. Cost for this event is $30 per adult. With limited availability, reservations are strongly recommended.

Also, we'll talk to our good friend Jesse Pena from the Tacoholics Taco Truck. Jesse will do the interview live from the grill in his taco truck, where he'll be parked from 11:30- 1 today.

Tune into the show at KHRO 1150 AM or stream the show at www.talkradio1150.com. Also, feel free to call the show at 915.880.4376 or send an email to thelisadshow@gmail.com.

Sun Bowl Parade & Turkey Trot

Sun Bowl Parade

  • The 74th annual FirstLight Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade will start at 10 a.m. Thursday.
  • The 2.7-mile route is on Montana from Ochoa to Copia. Traffic along Montana will be stopped from Mesa to U.S. 54, starting at 5:30 a.m.
  • About 300,000 spectators are expected to attend.
  • Spectators can bring ice chests, grills and chairs. They are asked not to block intersections, so that emergency vehicles have room to operate.
  • The event is free to attend. Tickets for the reviewing stands at First Baptist Church, 805 Montana, cost $5 a person. They can bought at Circle K stores; any FirstLight Federal Credit Union branch; the Sun Bowl office, 4150 Pinnacle, Suite 100; or on the day of the parade at the reviewing stands if they haven't sold out.
  • The parade will be broadcast live on KTSM-Channel 9 (cable Channel 10).
  • Information: 533-4416 or www.sunbowl.org/game-a-events/sun-bowl-parade.

    Turkey Trot

  • The 34th annual event is organized by the YMCA of El Paso and benefits its Strong Kids Campaign.
  • It includes a 5K competitive run, 3K fun walk and 1 mile kids' fun run. Races will start at 7:30 a.m. Thursday.
  • Race-day registration will from 6 a.m. to 7:15 a.m.; race packets can also be picked up at the same time.
  • All three races
    will start and finish at Virginia and Montana.
  • The races must be finished by 9 a.m. so the parade can start an hour later.
  • Cost: $30 for the 3K fun walk and 5K run, and $35 on race day. The 1-mile kids' fun run costs $20 and stays the same price on race day.
  • Registration includes an official long-sleeve race shirt. Only the first 1,000 to register are guaranteed a shirt.
  • Information and online registration: www.elpasoymca.org. You may also register for the race at any local YMCA or on race day in front of the Y's corporate headquarters at 808 Montana. You may also call 755-9622 for more details.

  • Monday, November 22, 2010

    Help Paydirt Pete win the Capital One Mascot Challenge

    Paydirt Pete needs your vote to beat Joe Vandal! Click here and vote!


    Martha Stewart's free downloadable Thanksgiving cookbook

    Happy Thanksgiving, America! Martha Stewart Martha Stewart has a free downloadable Thanksgiving cookbook with recipes from Rick Bayless, Mario Batalo and other superstar chefs. (Thanks Ben for this great tip!)

    Click here for you free Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Cookbook!

    11.22.10: Today's Show

    Hello and welcome to Thanksgiving week, I will be on the air Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, off Thursday and Friday. If you are traveling out of El Paso for the Holiday, don't panic, you can stream the show at www.talkradio1150.com at noon MST.

    Today on The Lisa D Show at noon we'll start the show with an interview with our good friend Chris Babcock. Babcock will discuss issues that matter to him and news that should matter to you.

    Next we've uncovered a fantastic archive of vegetarian recipes on the New York Times website and we'll listed a few Border style recipes here. Be sure to read more about these so you don't make the vegan at the table feel like an alien, remember holidays are about inclusion.

    The live interview segment of the show features several students from Community Scholars who are reporting on the state of sex education in Texas. What's interesting about this report is it's the first time in the history of presenting that Community Scholars received protests and actually had to call police to remove protesters from the building. What did they discover about sex ed in Texas? What are people so afraid of the Scholars discovering? We'll discuss all this and more.

    Lastly, at the top of this post is a recent photo I took at the Keystone Botanical Gardens on Doniphan. Fall is a spectacular time to visit the Gardens, click here for a full slide show of images. Click here for Garden hours and directions.

    Tune into the show at KHRO 1150 AM or stream the show at www.talkradio1150.com. Also, feel free to call the show at 915.880.4376 or send an email to thelisadshow@gmail.com.

    Sunday, November 21, 2010

    Shamaley Chime n Rhyme Winner Week #4

    Congratulations to Adam Gonzalez for winning the first Spanish-language submission for Shamaley Chime n Rhyme Jingle Contest. Click here to enter the contest!

    11.2010: Keystone Botanical Gardens

    Fall is a fantastic time of year to visit the Keystone Botanical Gardens in El Paso. Click on the image above for a slide show of recent photos taken at the gardens. Click here for directions and hours.

    Friday, November 19, 2010

    11.19.10: Today's Show

    Today on The Lisa D Show at noon we're going to talk about events that are worth your time this weekend, like seeing Cassandro el Exotico in the ring this Sunday at Wild Wild West.

    We'll discuss a very interesting story about The Incredible Hulk joining forces with a volunteer posse on the United States border along Arizona to keep out illegal immigrants. The story sparked a very interesting conversation on my Facebook page and I am going to high light some of the finer points of the argument that ensued.

    Then we'll talk about two very interesting art exhibits happening in El Paso and the totally opposite approach they are taking to dealing with our relationship with Mexico; El Paso Postcards at the Hal Marcus Gallery and The Death of Video Man at the Rubin Center at UTEP.

    Also the Tacoholics Taco Truck is here in the Entravision parking lot from 11:30 - 1 p.m. Stop by 5426 N. Mesa and support a local food truck that happens to be totally delicious!

    Tune into the show at KHRO 1150 AM or stream the show at www.talkradio1150.com. Also, feel free to call the show at 915.880.4376 or send an email to thelisadshow@gmail.com.

    Thursday, November 18, 2010

    Shamaley Chime n Rhyme Winner Week #4

    Congratulations to Adam, this week's winner of the Shamaley Chime n Rhyme Jingle Contest! Click here to watch this week's top 3 videos!

    Cassanro El Exotico on The Lisa D Show

    Thank you to Miguel Juarez for recommending Cassandro and Michael Ramos-Araizaga for today's live interview segment. There were promoting "Cassandro El Exotico" and tnight's screening and discussion of the movie at 6 p.m. at the UTEP Union Cinema inside the UTEP Union, East Wing. The movie is about Cassandro, a character either loved or reviled by lucha libre fans. Photos can be taken with Cassandro and the movie's director, Michael Ramos Araizaga. The event is free. An after-party will take place at 9 p.m. at the Soho Cocktail Lounge, 500 N. Oregon St.

    Events: Chinese Interactions with Inner Asia and Beyond before the Silk Road

    For Immediate Release: November 18, 2010

    Contact: Marilyn Guida, 915-755-4332

    Chinese Interactions with Inner Asia and Beyond before the Silk Road

    By Ken Hammond, Ph.D.

    Sunday, November 21, 2010, 3:00 pm

    Free Admission

    Presented by the El Paso Archaeological Society

    in partnership with the El Paso Museum of Archaeology

    Location: El Paso Museum of Archaeology

    4301 Transmountain Road, El Paso 79924

    Professor Ken Hammond’s talk will examine recent archaeological evidence from China and Inner Asia which suggests that there was extensive interaction between these zones well before the period generally associated with the rise of the Silk Road trade around the 2nd century BCE.

    Dr. Hammond is Professor of East Asian history and Director of the Confucius Institute at

    New Mexico State University.

    Information: 915-755-4332; guidamr@elpasotexas.gov

    Please use the following caption with the attached photograph:

    Photo portrait of Ken Hammond, Ph.D.

    Art News: Hal Marcus postcard collection deleted Juarez

    El Paso artist Hal Marcus made some of his earliest works using the Juarez mercado as his subject. Click here to see images of the famous El Mercado painting. Unfortunately since the drug war erupted in Mexico, thousands of murders have made Juarez a town that El Paso wants to distance itself from and in Hal Marcus' latest Postcard Show, the intent is clear - LOOK AT EL PASO, NOT JUAREZ.

    In an article by Doug Pullen titled, Postcard promote El Paso experience, The idea is to distance West Texas city from nearby Juarez, Marcus' current exhibit is designed to counter some of the negative publicity the area has received since a drug war in Juarez began claiming lives. Out of the The 49 works of art in "El Paso Postcards" not one is of Juarez.

    This is a great start to a debate El Pasoans need to be having; Do we hope Mexico will go away if we ignore it hard enough? Do we only love our sister city when it benefits us economically? How dare those who once made their fame from Mexico turn against her in her greatest time of need!

    Events: Family Day for El Paso: The Other Side of the Mexican Revolution

    Museums & Cultural Affairs Department


    For Immediate Release:

    Contact: Juli Lozano, Public Affairs @ 541-4915 or 474-4773

    The El Paso Museum of History Presents

    Family Day for El Paso: The Other Side of the Mexican Revolution

    Saturday, November 20, 2010

    2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


    Come celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the start of the Mexican Revolution by attending this special family event. Elias Bonilla and Barbie Valdiviez-Schydlower with Ballet Folklorico Aires Internationales will have your feet tapping to “Polka on the Patio.” See the film “Mexican Revolution Sites in El Paso, Volume I” with Jackson Polk, Leon Metz, and Fred Morales. Hands-on activities will include making your own special revolution button, playing Mexican board games, printing your own newspaper, creating a zoetrope and more. Keith Wilden of Paso del Norte Pistoleros will portray a soldier of the punitive expedition while other re-enactors in period costume will mingle with the crowd. Special tours of the exhibit “El Paso: The Other Side of the Mexican Revolution” will be given by the students and professors who helped to create it.

    For information, call Sue Taylor at 915-351-3588 or email at taylorsl@elpasotexas.gov.

    Image courtesy of the El Paso Museum of History

    The El Paso Museum of History exists for the educational benefit of the community and visitors. It promotes the understanding and significance of the rich multicultural and multinational history of the border region known as the Pass of the North.


    11.18.10: Today's Show

    Today on The Lisa D Show we'll start the show off with an interview with Kirstin Perez about City Council's recent vote to not overturn voter's wishes to not provide same sex benefits to city employees and instead to keep their proposition started by Tom Brown. Perez recently spoke at City Council, we will discuss this and more.

    Then, the funniest thing happened in Segundo Barrio last night, I found Pancho Villa and his horse. We'll discuss that.

    For the live interview segment we'll talk to Cassandro and Michael Ramos-Araizaga about their movie, "Cassandro El Exotico". Tonight, there is a screening and discussion of the movie at 6 p.m. at the UTEP Union Cinema inside the UTEP Union, East Wing. The movie is about Cassandro, a character either loved or reviled by lucha libre fans. Photos can be taken with Cassandro and the movie's director, Michael Ramos Araizaga. The event is free. An after-party will take place at 9 p.m. at the Soho Cocktail Lounge, 500 N. Oregon St.

    Wednesday, November 17, 2010

    Thanksgiving: Vegetarian Recipes by Antonio Eliaz

    These recipes are brought to you by Antonio Eliaz, Project Chicomecoatl & Mother Earth. Please feel free to try them out and surprise the vegatarian you host on Thanksgiving!

    Nopalli Salad
    4 Fresh, Julienned Nopal Paddles, boiled & stained, rinsed thoroughly.
    2 Cored, Thinly Sliced, Granny Smith Apples, Miniature Red Apple or any sweet apple you enjoy the most.
    2-3 Limes, Juiced.
    1 Cup Feta Cheese
    1 Cup Walnuts left a little chunky
    Salt & Pepper to taste.

    Toss all these ingredients with the cooked Nopalli and enjoy the ancient Great Grandfather Cactus in a contemporary way this Thanksgiving!

    Mango, Miel de Maguey & Sushi Ginger Dipping Sauce
    2 Large Mangos peeled and pitted or 1/ 12 oz can of peeed mango in juice.
    1 to 2 Table spoons of Sushi Ginger
    1/2 Cup Miel de Maguey (Maguey Honey).
    Use your food processor or blender to combine all the ingredients. Add Sushi ginger a little at a time if your not familiar with the flavor, same with the Miel de Maguey. Simple as that! This is a great dipping sauce for a Tofu Satay or a Crudite for example, or if your a fish eating Vegetarian its great over seared Sea Bass!

    If you have any vegetarian recipes you'd like to share on this blog, please email them to thelisadshow@gmail.com.

    Events: Border Art Biennial 2010 Opens this Saturday at EPMA

    Museums & Cultural Affairs


    For Immediate Release: November 17, 2010

    Contact: Juli Lozano, Public Affairs @ (915) 541-4010 or (915) 472-1949

    The El Paso Museum of Art announces

    Border Art Biennial - Bienal Fronteriza de Arte 2010

    November 20, 2010 – February 13, 2011

    For more information call (915) 532-1707

    or visit www.elpasoartmuseum.org

    Border Art Biennial – Bienal Fronteriza de Arte 2010 will open to the public at 12:00 pm on Saturday, November 20, 2010 and will show through February 13, 2011 in the Contemporary Gallery of the El Paso Museum of Art. This exhibition is free to the public.

    Border Art Biennial – Bienal Fronteriza de Arte 2010

    Border Art Biennial – Bienal Fronteriza de Arte 2010 is the second juried exhibition to examine and highlight the often under represented, but vital art and artists from the states of the US/Mexico border. Artist from the states of Arizona, Baja California Norte, Baja California Sur, California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, New Mexico, Nuevo Leon, Sonora, Tamaulipas, and Texas were encourage to apply, of which 43 were selected. All works included will be reproduced in the accompanying exhibition catalog which will be available for purchase at the Museum Store. This exhibition is a collaborative effort between the El Paso Museum of Art, Museo de Arte INBA de Ciudad Juarez, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, CONACULTA-INBA, the Mexican Consulate in El Paso, Texas, and the American Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

    2010 Jurors are Rita Gonzalez, Assistant Curator in the Department of Contemporary Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Itala Schmelz, Director at the Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil in Mexico City.

    Artist included in the exhibition:

    Itzel Aguilera, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Julie Anand and Damon Sauer, Phoenix, Arizona

    Tania Anchondo, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Jesus Barraza, San Leandro, California

    Camp Bosworth, Marfa, Texas

    Maureen Burdock, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Camilo Cruz, Los Angeles, California

    Alejandro Cartagena, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

    Vic De La Rosa, San Francisco, California

    Sergio De La Torre, San Francisco, California

    Leticia Diaz Moreno, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Justin Gainan, Oakland, California

    Matt Gainer, Toluca Lake, California

    Joseph Gerges, La Mirada, California

    Ed Gomez, Long Beach, California

    Erendira Gonzalez, Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico

    Alexandra Grant, Los Angeles, California

    Luis Hernandez, Los Angeles, California

    Yvianna Hernandez, El Paso, Texas

    Farah Karapetian, Los Angeles, California

    Julia Landois, San Antonio, Texas

    Anthony Lazorko, Mesilla, New Mexico

    Nery Gabriel Lemus, Pasadena, California

    Paho Mann, Dallas, Texas

    Mayra Martell, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Shane Mecklenburger, Dallas, Texas

    Hector Mendoza, Oakland, California

    Dominic Miller, Phoenix, Arizona

    Jeffrey Miranda, Allen, Texas

    Noe Montes, Los Angeles, California

    Oscar Moya, El Paso, Texas

    Michelle Murillo, Dallas, Texas

    Brenda Perry, El Paso, Texas

    Gregory Phillipy, Las Cruces, New Mexico

    Kerianne Quick, Pasadena, California

    Tim Roberts, Fort Davis, Texas

    Humberto Saenz, Spring, Texas

    Rocio Saenz, Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Marian Salinas, McAllen, Texas

    Shawn Skabelund, Flagstaff, Arizona

    David Taylor, Las Cruces, New Mexico

    Rogelio Valenzuela Colomo, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

    Cathy Wysocki, Corrales, New Mexico

    Image Credits

    Oscar Moya

    Cholo, 2009

    Silkscreen on paper

    Courtesy of the artist

    Itzel Aguilera

    Cristal I, 2009

    Metalic pigments on cotton paper

    Courtesy of the artist

    Tania Anchondo

    Guero, 2009

    Inkjet Print

    Courtesy of the artist

    Parking is available at the Convention Center and Camino Real Hotel for a small fee. Limited metered parking is available on Main Street. Free parking is available at the City Hall Parking lot on Santa Fe Street.

    The El Paso Museum of Art will also host a series of Focus Talks with select artists featured in the exhibition beginning December 1, 2010 through February 9, 2011.

    Focus Talks will be at 12:15 pm and 1:15 pm and will last 30 minutes each.

    Please visit www.elpasoartmuseum.org for details.


    Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC earned 5 million viewers

    Did you make time this week to tune into Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC? The station enjoyed its largest viewership in the history of TLC. Were you part of the 5 million? Let us know what you thought as we'll be talking about this later in the week on The Lisa D Show. Click here for several videos promos.

    11.17.10: Today's Show

    Today on The Lisa D Show you'll enjoy the guest hosting skills of Marina Monsisvais and Valerie Munoz. The ladies will be in the studio talking about several very exciting upcoming events in the Borderland to include this Thursday's Mighty Mujer Calendar event.

    2011 Mighty Mujer calendar launch, with Dale Watson, Black Coyote and Lusitania, 7 p.m. Thursday, Commonwealth Pub & Grub, 115 Durango, $10 donation, includes calendar. All proceeds benefiting the Center Against Family Violence.

    The Mighty Mujer 2011 Calendar Launch this Thursday at Commonwealth! Dale Watson and His Lonestars, the Lusitania, and Black Coyote. The calendar features hot local biking models to include Gabriela Gallegos, who organized the Eagle in the Sun Triathlon, Shannon Osborne of the University of Texas at El"Paso's Women's Resource Center and Michelle Zapanta, a local trainer and fitness columnist for the El"Paso Times. Also featured: Crystal Carbajal, Maritza Dominguez, Blanca Harp, Gretchen McElroy, Deena Mustin, Mia Rifai, Grace Tarng, Valerie Topp and Hope Wright.

    And if you're lucky, today's show will feature a live interview with Austin's Dale Watson.

    Tune into the show at KHRO 1150 AM or stream the show at www.talkradio1150.com. Also, feel free to call the show at 915.880.4376 or send an email to thelisadshow@gmail.com.

    The #1 Read on El Paso Times dot com is just not that interesting

    Today's #1 read on El Paso Times dot com is an Associated Press wire story by Mary Clare Jalonick about the removal of caffeine from the alcoholic drink Four Loko because the FDA said they had to. More than five readers commented on the story and their handles are so much sexier than their comments; ohnoyoudidnt, In Yellow, what the buck and Ignorance. If you want to read the story and the comments, click here, but by no means do you need feel compelled to, the story is just not that interesting.

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010

    Gustavo Reveles' Last Stand

    Recently Gustavo Reveles (reporter at the El Paso Times) and I got into a ginormous fight on Facebook. The premise of our fight was I think the El Paso Times did a disservice to the El Paso Community for advocating against health care coverage for same sex couples and Gustavo think the paper is award winning and does great things for the community. Seeing as I just learned that Gustavo quit the El Paso Times (after 13 years) to take the public info officer job at Canutillo Independent School District, I felt compelled to memorialize our fight. Also, Gustavo possibly was negotiating his future job as he defended his paper and his "family" there.

    Gustavo Reveles
    I wonder if I can get away with telling people to stop patronizing a specific media outlet ... nah, that's too petty. And in this world of shrinking media, the last thing we need is less media. Of course, that's the type of reasoning real media people would come up with.
    November 2 at 10:19am

    loyd Johnson ‎:-O
    November 2 at 10:25am
    Lisa Degliantoni We need less BAD media Gustavo, and the El Paso Times does a disservice to this community by sucking as hard as it does. Real media people hold their news outlets accountable.
    November 2 at 10:26am · 1 personLoading...
    Lorena La Morena Martinez
    I agree Gustavo ..telling people to stop patronizing The Huffington Post and MSNBC would be very petty of me. haha
    November 2 at 10:29am
    Mari Matumbe Wow.
    November 2 at 10:46am
    Gustavo Reveles Lisa, have you heard your show lately? It's not the essence of excellence. If we're going to start pulling the plug on bad media outlets, let's start lining up then.
    November 2 at 11:01am · 1 personLoading...
    Lisa Degliantoni Just because the El Paso Times is our only daily paper doesn't mean people should just shut up and read it and accept that it's bad. Fortunately for talk radio fans, there are tons of choices and if they don't like my show they at least have a choice. If only fans of printed media were so lucky.
    November 2 at 11:02am
    Lisa Degliantoni And Gustavo it's not YOUR paper. It's my radio show, so if it sucks it's my fault, I take it personally. You shouldn't take it personally that your paper sucks, you have very little to do with the direction that paper takes.
    November 2 at 11:03am · 1 personPink Rivera likes this.
    Lisa Degliantoni In fact this would make for great radio, would you be allowed to do an interview on this very topic?
    November 2 at 11:09am
    Gustavo Reveles
    I'm not arguing against anybody's anger about the position the paper takes. As a gay man, I am especially upset about its position on the city's same-sex benefits ordinance. I get it. It sucks. I've been critical of the editorial board in t...he past. You guys even wrote about it in NPT.

    BUT that's not what you said. You said the paper sucks. And you know, there's a lot of good journos that work there. A LOT. And we do good work. I know you think we buy our awards, but I don't think you understand the way APME works. Just like any contest Entravision enters, there is an entry fee. Even the Pulitzers have an entry fee. So that APME Newspaper of the Year award was given on merit. WE worked our asses off.

    As far as a second newspaper in this city ... well, outside of NYC and Washington, what other cities have two English language dailies. Not many. As a matter of fact, El Paso was the last Texas city to do so. I'd love to have the Herald Post back, but that's not going to happen. Certainly not if there's people arguing that circulations should be cut.

    Lisa, you take every shot you can at the paper, and that's valid. You have a right to your opinion. But when you start calling out the entire product, I take offense because I have colleagues, friends and people that I consider family working there.

    Keep on reading the NYT and the DMN. I know I do. But let's be realistic. If you want to know what's going on in El Paso, no one (NO ONE) comes close to us. That's what we do. We do local.See More
    November 2 at 11:13am · 4 peopleGabriel Martinez, Josh Sanchez and 2 others like this.
    Josh Sanchez GUSTAVO 2012!!!!!
    November 2 at 11:21am
    Lisa Degliantoni My heart goes out to any journalist who wants to work in a market like this with so few options for a job, but quality should be #1 always, and I have a hard time with the quality of the EPTimes, the bizarre NON-LOCAL approach it takes on the opinion pages and the lack of innovation. I don't directly blame you or anyone on your level there as I know this LOCAL paper is run out of some rich guy's office in Colorado who's probably been to El Paso once.
    November 2 at 11:23am
    Derek Najera Is this the rhetorical device called "begging the question"...?
    November 2 at 11:25am
    Gustavo Reveles
    Come on Lisa! Where are YOUR bosses? Last I checked, Entravision wasn't headquartered in El Paso.

    And where is the call to action for quality on YOUR station? Are you telling me that the stuff that KHRO and KINT do are above reproach? That ...the work they're producing is of the highest quality?

    I choose to work in El Paso. I believe in this town. I venture to say there are few people that love El Paso as much as I do. I know that's the case for dozens of people at the El Paso Times. We care about this community and we are trying to do the best journalism possible with the resources available.

    You don't like the quality? Well, I ask you to take a look at the depth of coverage we have and point to anyone else that even comes close. I'm talking about comprehensive coverage. We own local coverage of state issues, we own local coverage of city issues. We own breaking news, too, and we dominate education coverage (no one else even does it). We are the only mainstream medium to even cover the arts and provide reviews of concerts and other events.

    I could say many things about each and every one of the media outlets in El Paso. I chose not to, though, because I understand the limitations and the constraints that our local journalists work under.

    Can the quality of our products be improved? Definitely. But before we start bashing other media, we should look at our own dirty laundry and get that spin cycle going.See More
    November 2 at 11:34am
    Leonard Martinez Start with your chonies, Gustavo! :-P
    November 2 at 11:36am
    Lisa Degliantoni
    You have more resources than other media outlet in town from staff to space to phone lines to a printing press in your building. you never get to moan over a lack of resources at your job. And this argument is not about anything other than ...the El Paso Times is a terrible newspaper, ASME awards and all. It's not about loving El Paso or where your bosses are. I am happy you are employed as a journalist, i know dozens of people who aren't. Enjoy your print media job while you have it and get ready to be flexible when the market takes it away.See More
    November 2 at 11:40am
    Gustavo Reveles
    Oh, hold on. So before I made my point it mattered where my bosses were and whether or not we "bought" our awards, but now it doesn't?

    If you think we have unlimited resources, Lisa, you are terribly mistaken. Again, you show your misunders...tanding of how the paper operates. The reason the NYT, the DMN, the LAT and all those other wonderful newspapers you read instead of the Times are of high quality is because they have larger resources ... much larger than ours. That's how it works.

    Lisa, bottom line is you have your opinion and I can do nothing but respect it however misguided it is.

    What I do know is that I work with talented journalists that do a good job given the limited resources we have. I know that our editorial board takes stances that not all of the city (including myself) agrees on. That doesn't mean, though, that the reporters and editors are bad journalists.

    I'm thankful to have a job in journalism. And we may die soon, sure. But I'm not writing the obit just yet. After all, people have been saying radio is dead for much longer, yet you still have a job. Right?See More
    November 2 at 11:49am · 1 personLoading...
    Josh Sanchez Lisa, why do you dislike the EP Times?
    November 2 at 11:55am
    Lisa Degliantoni My wall is also participating in this conversation and we don't have mutual friends, chime in if you are willing. Can you do this on the radio?
    November 2 at 11:58am
    Cynthia Vasquez Cordero You GO GUS!!!!
    November 2 at 11:59am
    Josh Sanchez Lisa, why do you dislike the EP Times?
    November 2 at 12:00pm
    Gustavo Reveles Lisa, I can't today no. It's election day so I have to work all day. Plus, I would need to clear this with my bosses.
    November 2 at 12:00pm
    50 of 71
    *Derek Najera
    For all the slack that the Times gets (it's written for a fourth grade level, poor editing, etc etc), I have always enjoyed combing through it and reading the special features. Also, the sports writing, in my opinion, is pretty top notch, ...and I think that for what it is, a print source in a medium-sized market in which English isn't perhaps the primary niche, it does a pretty damn good job in providing comprehensive coverage of the area...not just the "sexy" issues like crime, corruption and scandals, but also of everyday issues such as education, health and events.

    I really enjoy the reviews that Doug Pullens writes, and he delves into stuff that isn't even the most mainstream for this place. Also, the Austin Bureau does a great job of providing the best coverage possible on state politics affecting El Paso...and it's not just because I know the current reporter from high school. Brandi Grissom also did just as excellent a job.

    I think the EP Times has really come a long way in evolving itself for the audience it serves (i.e. retirees who enjoy their cup of coffee in the morning with the paper, working people, homemakers). And, I say this as someone who isn't even the most El Paso friendly...I have a love-hate relationship with my hometown, where I currently live...but I sincerely enjoy the newspaper.See More
    November 2 at 12:18pm
    Gustavo Reveles Derek you forgot to mention that the transportation writer is kinda sexy.
    November 2 at 12:21pm
    Derek Najera LOL DEAD SEXY!!...

    oh yeah, and almost all media outlets have conservative stakeholders...even the most touted "liberal" ones.
    November 2 at 12:25pm
    Lisa Degliantoni ‎@Gus find out if you can join me and we'll go at it on the air.
    November 2 at 12:32pm
    Sito Negron
    I suck. I had something really good to add to this conversation and somehow it disappeared before I could post it. At least the Times knows how to publish a daily edition.

    I'll just add this --sounds like a topic for the Press Club. What ca...n local media do to improve? Sometimes, it's just a reflection of its community.See More
    November 2 at 12:40pm
    Gustavo Reveles Sito, thanks for providing thoughtful commentary. You are right, the Press Club should take this on.

    As a matter of fact, NAHJ is planning a regional conference in March here in El Paso, I'll add this topic to the mix.
    November 2 at 12:56pm via
    Jay Koester ‎"you never get to moan over a lack of resources at your job." Of all the ridiculous things Lisa wrote, that may take the cake. The Times probably has the fewest reporters per capita of any city in the U.S.
    November 2 at 4:30pm
    Lisa Degliantoni You have people that pull weight around you like editor and copy editor and fact checkers, sales managers, assignment editors, receptionists, entire pay roll departments. Or if your section is light you can throw in a few AP wire stories and not scramble to fill the space. You always do one job - report. Work at a start up for 15 minutes of your career and you will soon realize how huge of a an entity the El Paso Times is. There are media projects with 1/10 your staff that manage the keep quality high.
    November 2 at 5:08pm
    Lisa Degliantoni
    You never have to scramble to get a good story or one more story because you can always fall back on a really local and important story like this $45 story, in your Top 10 Most Read section, http://www.elpasotimes.com/ci_16495526?source=mos...t_viewed
    And falling back on crap news out of MTV corporate because that's what you think people like to read makes for a lazy paper or lazy editors. Period. Your paper is lazy and it's why barely 50% of El Paso reads it on a daily basis, you don't hustle to grab new readers with important news. AP stories of front pages of sections makes for a lazy, out of touch, crap paper. I'm out.See More
    November 2 at 5:15pm
    Gustavo Reveles
    Lisa, please. What did you do in your magazine? There was a lazy product if there ever was one! No content to speak of, crap topics, driven by advertisers and -- worst of all -- published with a sense of importance that didn't match the pro...duct.

    Now. Are you really going to blast the Times for using AP wire? Are you kidding me? Your own company uses wire services. Check with your newsroom before you make such dumb statements. How do you think they fill the newscast? Come on! Learn something about media production before you claim authority on the subject.

    And for someone who hates the product, you sure use it a lot.

    I AM OUT! I gotta go do some actual journalism and put a paper out tomorrow.See More
    November 2 at 5:33pm
    Jay Koester Nah, I think I'll just keep working for APME's Texas Newspaper of the Year! I'm NOT out. I got a whole night ahead of award-winning election coverage to do. Peace!
    November 2 at 5:39pm
    Leonard Martinez Hey, don't bring newscasts into this!
    November 2 at 5:47pm
    Gustavo Reveles Nah Leonard, just pointing out that using wire is not something exclusive to the EP Times.
    November 2 at 5:51pm
    Leonard Martinez i know. i was just kidding. btw, this thread has been great to read all day!
    November 2 at 5:53pm
    Gustavo Reveles It's our goal here at the El Paso Times to keep you informed and entertained, Leonard.
    November 2 at 5:54pm
    Pifas Silva ‎32 comments? Seriously?! This is facebook folks! We're just suppose to post about Lady Gaga, what we're eating for lunch and how cute our kids look (well, at least the breeders). BTW, as a former Times reporter, I agree with Gus: EPT leads the pack. Even when I was at number 1 rated ABC 7, we'd get pissed when they'd scoop us and sometimes we'd chase their stories the day after! Finally, transportation reporter is as HOT as Cristiano Ronaldo!
    November 2 at 5:58pm
    Jay Koester
    Mmmm, just enjoyed some good Andre's Pizza courtesy of the El Paso Times ... I guess that's part of that unlimited budget Lisa was talking about.

    And Pifas, after leaving the election night staff meeting, I was thinking much the same thing ...... the El Paso Times not only has the best staff, but also the hottest.See More
    November 2 at 6:25pm
    Lisa Degliantoni Gus and Jay, I love that you are so loyal to your brand, that's a good sign. This has been the more funner thread than any other thread. I will go to my grave thinking the El Paso Times is the worst newspaper for a city this size in America and will always be a proud non-subscriber for as long as I call El Paso home. That's right, I said more funner.
    November 2 at 7:38pm
    Lisa Degliantoni oh and Breaking News! The El Paso Times Stands Firm Against Gays, Civil Rights and Progress #elpaso http://ow.ly/33aff
    November 2 at 7:39pm
    Gustavo Reveles Lisa does your company offers ay couples benefits? Cos mine does. That's way fun.
    November 2 at 7:42pm via
    Jay Koester
    If I'm sorry for commenting at all, it's only because Gustavo has been KILLING it. All the way until the end. My lame comments aren't worthy of being in the same string.

    But, Lisa, my original point was the Times also has the smallest staff ...for a city this size in America. But we're doing pretty darn good despite that.See More
    November 2 at 9:06pm
    Kate Gannon
    Great discussion! Also brings to light the public's misunderstanding of the difference between a publication's editorial board stance and the independent work of the newsroom. Put together the criticism from people on both ends of the polit...ical spectrum and your newspaper is a right-wing communist facist socialist liberal war-mongering baby killing rag. Meanwhile the journos are trying to cover 700,000 stories, with specific examples, quantify and verify information while bloggers get to write whatever half-formed opinion tumbles out of their heads and call it fact.See More
    November 3 at 11:22am
    Gustavo Reveles Or just say it on the radio, Kate.
    November 3 at 12:19pm via
    Kate Gannon Well radio has its challenges too - there the problem stems from having to fill air time and keep listeners engaged without a lot of prep time. I'm not talking about the bigger operations that have staff to research info, but the community operations that are usually just individuals. Commercial operations have to drive audience in order to keep the lights on, so need to keep listeners fired up. These are strange times for all of us across many platforms. How do we begin to maintain speed, volume and quality in the digital era?
    November 3 at 6:00pm
    Sito Negron
    Now that my bud Koester jumps in, I got to work with Lisa a bit here. Jay, whose major achievement in journalism has been to be the first "real media person" to call out a certain public figure. To use a DavidK device, Jay's thesis involved... a word that rhymes with "hazy." Oh yeah, Jay also learned from NPT how to aggregate the hell out of relevant and otherwise interesting stories ... :-)

    I don't think the Times has the smallest staff for a city this size. Maybe. Likely, it has a staff commensurate with its circulation, which is probably small for a city this size. That in itself is a sad statement about the corporation's failure to go beyond the bean-counting and envision the Times what it ought to be, the flagship newspaper of the entire border, with a focus on our tri-state borderplex.

    That "blue-sky visioning" aside, Gustavo is right when he claims the Times' dominance, but wrong on multiple counts when he asserts "ownership" of various coverage areas. The Times' dominance comes from its ubiquity, not from its quality. Whether or not the Times is understaffed for El Paso (and it certainly is understaffed for the size of the border metro), it is the largest newsroom in the city.

    Yet still, it does not own breaking news. TV does a good job with that. Sure, the Times does a great job of picking up Diario leftovers, so it's often the first in English with Juarez breaking news. It does not own original coverage of Juarez -- KINT drinks your milkshake, and has for years. Even when I was at KTSM years ago we had a stringer from JZ who daily brought us great stuff. The Times HAS started to cover Juarez, which is a good thing. Once in a while the work yields a real gem, but the Times has failed to really put its opportunity to work. There might be legit security concerns regarding how to cover Juarez; if so, that in itself says a lot about where we live. And if that's the case, it represents a failure of resolve on the part of the editors in figuring out how to deal with the situation, which while we're strangely unaffected or affected in ways we don't yet fully grasp is literally life and death for people with whom we live.

    As the ONLY news outlet with a full-time beat reporter on the city, you ought to own it. Same with the state beat, where you not only have a full-timer, but also a fire-jumper who can supplement that. Crowing about dominating a beat that you're the only one covering consistently is like being Mel Brooks in "To be or not to be"-- world-famous in Poland.

    The No. 1 priority, aside from the bean-counting, is getting the paper out, which the Times does. It plays an important role in the community, as does any daily, providing a virtual center through which we all can meet. That's no small role, but it's mostly a function of its existence, not a function of its excellence in the marketplace.

    That said, I wouldn't want it to go away. The biggest reason is the short-term pain it would cause the newsroom folks as well as the community. But I also wonder whether it wouldn't be long before a group of locals, or better yet, several competing groups, decided to start up a daily/dailies or some facsimile. Over time, one of them would evolve to be dominant.

    But that's all theory, and in the meantime, it's better to have locals employed and producing than not. You guys are lucky to have decent jobs, and lucky to be part of a slight upward trajectory on the part of the paper. There is no question that in certain areas -- for example, music coverage, as you note -- the paper has responded either to competition or opportunity and loosened its grip on the staff a bit so people can spread their wings. I wonder if this conversation would even have happened three years ago, whether anyone in the newsroom would have bothered with a defense (although now that I think this through, probably you and Jay, media mavens that you are, wouldn't have passed on a fight even then).

    Gus, I'm glad to see your fire on this issue. I meant what I wrote about going Press Club on this and doing some soul-searching and honest review about what we all can do to better serve the public.

    Hopefully, Lisa gets in your heads and you spend an extra minute on the phone with a source, rewrite the lede one more time, dig in your heels with an editor when you know you're right about the story angle, read and watch what other folks did on the same story, go out after work and talk about the stories you did and the ones that got away and how to reel them in next time, all the things you'd do when someone's on your ass and you're trying to prove your stuff.See More
    November 4 at 8:58am · 1 personLoading...
    Gustavo Reveles
    Sito I agree with much of what you say but disagree with loads more. Your assertion of Jay's contribution, for one. You were in his position when I first started in this business. I doubt you would say your job was to aggregate back then.

    I...'m on my phone so I won't go into much detail. Suffice it to say that we own our beats because we are good not because we are just there, like you claim. I stand by most of the reporters, photographer and editors I work with. We are the only daily in town not by our own doing.

    As for city hall, well there were other reporters there when I covered it and I stilled kicked ass.

    Having said that, be assured that if I rewrite a lead or rethink a story, it won't be because Lisa is in my head. It's because I'm in it, and I expect better from myself.See More
    November 4 at 9:11am via
    Sito Negron I was just messing with Jay. I'm sure I'll regret it. He rocks. Hell, when I was doing assignments, I think Al Gore had just invented the Internet. Aggregating was something they did to rocks over at the Slate Rock and Gravel Company (and also at Asarco).
    November 4 at 9:23am
    Lisa Degliantoni I am going to do my part and continue to point out ludicrous articles by the ep times and their editorial board. El Paso doesn't like critics but I am going to be the certified critic of our daily paper. I appreciate your defense Gustavo and I did see Jay last night and tell him I don't hold him accountable for the entirety of the Times sucking but someone besides Larry Medina has to be vocal about the community's discontent with the el paso times and I will be that voice!
    November 4 at 10:39am
    Lisa Degliantoni ps in honor of the San Francisco 49ers, I posted the 49th comment. Booooo yyyaaaahhhhh..
    November 4 at 10:40am
    Gustavo Reveles
    Hey Lisa! I'm a journo. I live by accountability. No problem here being accountable. But what is ludicrous to you may be relevant to someone else.
    And Lisa, shouldn't you look inside your own house? Why not fix the issues at Entravision t...oo? You never comment on those.See More
    November 4 at 10:46am via
    Lisa Degliantoni
    This discussion is about the El Paso Times being a terrible daily newspaper. In the age of messy conversations based on ADD that cover every freaking topic on the planet, I am stick to ONE - The El Paso Times is a terrbile daily newspaper a...nd keeps our city DOWN by not being in touch with the people that live here as is evidenced by the less than 50% daily readership. If you want to debate other topics, start a new thread; El Paso Magazine sucked and it folded, The Lisa D Show is a crap talk radio show, Entravision Communications produces the worst nightly news in the Borderland. Go for it but none of those posts will generate 49 posts like this one!See More
    November 4 at 10:51am
    Sito Negron Lisa, what if the Times DOES reflect El Paso?

    Hey, way to stay on topic!
    November 4 at 10:55am
    Jaime Abeytia All I ask is that the Times do something revolutionary and get the call letters and frequency right. I'll help, its KHRO, and its Talk Radio 1150.
    November 4 at 10:58am
    Lisa Degliantoni Jaime your radio show sucks and you shouldn't even be on this thread.
    November 4 at 11:05am
    Jaime Abeytia Good point. This is for real journalists. Time for me to talk about lisa's hair for an hour...
    November 4 at 11:06am
    Lisa Degliantoni Sito, the Times DOES NOT reflect El Paso it reflects the 5 old men who are the editorial board and the less than 50% of the residents that read it. Spend 15 minutes reading the comments and or the letters to the editor and you will see who the Times represents. The first reader comment on Kathrin Berg Petit's retirement story - "That lady is a cougar." That's who reads the Times.
    November 4 at 11:06am
    Lisa Degliantoni ‎@Jaime my hair and Victor's HAT!!!!! Back to being a hack! If only i were a real journo like the rest of the smart people on this thread.
    November 4 at 11:22am
    Sito Negron
    Lisa, I'm just raising the uncomfortable possibility that IT IS what El Paso is about. Five old men running the voice of an operation that is based out-of-town yet is supposed to represent the best of a half-literate community from which in...stead of investing its profits it's sending them back to the home office ... are we dangerously close to an analogy here?

    That said, I forgot to mention earlier that as KINT drinks the Times' milkshake on Juarez, so to does KHRO and its team of bloggers and assorted misfits drink everyone's milkshake on local politics ... and hair reporting!See More
    November 4 at 11:25am
    Lisa Degliantoni Sito that would make me jump off the cliff.
    November 4 at 11:30am
    Jaime Abeytia Hey hold on. I'm the only blogger. That's not a team negron! Although we are mostly misfits...
    November 4 at 11:32am
    Gustavo Reveles
    Lisa let me get this right. You're the crusader for good media but only when it doesn't apply to you or your company. I venture to say thy people like you keep his community down, not the Times. You come down here from SF and think you kno...w what's beat for us? Please?!? If your answer for moving ELP forward is your crappy show (for which you hardly ever bother to show up to host) then I guess we are doomed.

    What we need are solutions, not just people with a delusional sense of worth to point out the problems.

    I'm tired of fighting with you. It's not worth it. The Times I not the SF Chronocle, which I the paper you want to read. Well, El Paso I not SF, and I for one love that. See More
    November 4 at 12:42pm
    Jay Koester
    Wow, this tread has turned people a bit vindictive and mean-spirited. I was about to join in and go all Tim Besco on some folks, but decided it was time to take a step back. Though I think Lisa and Sito aren't representing themselves well o...n this thread, I ran into Lisa last night and had a nice conversation, and I've known Sito long enough to know he's cool, too.

    From the inside, I guess I'll never totally understand the hatred of the Times and its journalists. Some seem to have the impression we just sit around the newsroom smoking cigars and laughing about the pap were about to foist on an unsuspecting public.

    But I look around and see a group of people working the best they can under some very difficult circumstances. I see journalists who have been successful elsewhere, but choose to be in El Paso, making things better. I see journalists looking over at the empty desk next to them, remembering their friend who got laid off. I see journalists afraid that they could be laid off next, and what that will mean for them and their families. And I see journalists working hard because of that fear, not because of worry about the disapproving looks from El Paso's self-appointed guardians of good journalism.

    Of course, I also look up and see la amor de mi vida (No, not you, Gustavo), so consider me doubly biased about the greatness of our staff.

    Having worked at various daily newspapers during my career, I know full well how small this staff is for a city this size, whether anybody wants to hear it or not. For fun, I did a quick Google search of Salt Lake City and found its metro area is pretty similar to El Paso. Meanwhile, a glance at their newsroom staff list shows that the Times staff is about one-third the size of the Tribune's. No doubt I could spend all day finding more examples. If Sito or anybody else can find me a city of El Paso's size with a smaller newspaper newsroom staff, I'll pay you $20 and declare it "Lisa D is great" day.

    And finally, when Sito was mad at me about some damn thing a few years back, he blogged I was only known for one thing. I consider myself blessed that I've moved up to two things.See More
    November 4 at 4:45pm
    Frank Javier Duran ‎... And now a word about copyright policies. *sigh. I don't have the energy ...
    November 4 at 6:13pm
    Jaime Abeytia Orale, I'd love to have that conversation...I've had a lot of shit jacked from me and I'm not a legit journo!
    November 4 at 6:16pm
    Lisa Degliantoni
    I think what's so great about this now 65 post conversation is that we are all very passionate about media & El Paso. Gus I moved here from Brooklyn 10 years ago, not SF, and have always felt that the daily paper here could be stronger. Whe...n the Times endorsed McCain and compared Obama to Hugo Chavez, it sealed the deal for me. Then last week the endorsement of family values made me furious. You and Jay and several others might be stars at what you do, but the Times as a whole does a disservice to this community by not elevating the conversation, ever, and it's the only daily so it has more of a responsibility than any other printed medium. Granted the Wall Street Journal's editorial board sometimes pisses me off but I can rely on the rest of the reporting to be smart, compelling and incredibly strong. Yet when I read some crap, backwater editorial from the Times, I find myself sifting through a see of even crappier AP wire stories about MTV VJs who screw their staff. I know you're not an editor so you can't be blamed for those decisions, but a paper cannot stand on one or two star reports AT ALL. It stands on it's editors and readership.See More
    November 5 at 9:10am
    Jaime Abeytia
    Not that I think about it, I specifically put a copyright notice on my blog that is routinely ignored, especially by certain political opinion writers. Perhaps I should send an email making that point that substantial parts of the column ar...e similar to my blog posts and should be removed immediately.

    I haven't really said much in this particular conversation, but I think one thing that is absent in this column is the very real problems that occur internally at the Times as it relates to relationships with certain high profile figures, questionable moves by management that clearly freak out staff at the Times, firings, forced resignations, people taken off beats or told not to write about someone and then they do, and then they cover it up, etc. I think that is an important part of this discussion that could lead people to believe that there are areas that could be improved upon at the Times and has be conspicuously absent in this thread.

    That being said, Jay is a cool vato considering he thinks Taco Bell is his favorite Mexican restaurant and Tavo is from the hood and a Redskins fan, so he's chingon in my book.See More
    November 5 at 9:36am
    Gustavo Reveles

    Lisa, I get that you're upset about the editorial board. Believe me, so am I. The McCain endorsement was embarrassing and, as a gay man, the endorsement last Sunday was disheartening. You were pissed. My friends were pissed. I was SUPE...R pissed. But that's a group of four or five people that make decisions about the OPINION page. It has nothing to do with the editorial staff that writes the news stories. In other words, the bulk of the paper.

    If you don't think we elevate the conversation, I am going to have to disagree with you. Just off the top of my head, I can tell you that we have written intelligently about many issues in the community, when no one else has. For instance, our month-long series on poverty started conversations about solutions for our economic and educational problems. I am also very proud on my series on bilingual education and the conversations it created about the right approach to tackle this important challenge in El Paso. Just last night I wrote about the upcoming planning sessions that will shape how El Paso grows and is planned for the next 25 years. I can think of dozens of other relevant and intelligent stories other staffers have written just in the last 12 months.

    Are you telling me these are not intelligent, engaging stories?

    Yes, our online component runs stories about VJs sleeping with whomever. But guess what? That's news! Not the type of news I care about, but certainly someone does. Just because YOU don't think it's interesting/important/relevant, doesn't mean that someone else doesn't. If any news medium cater to the likes of just one person ... well, they're screwed.

    I know you told Jay at Hope that when you call the paper terrible, that it's nothing personal. But how else can I take it? You're talking about the work I do every day. The work that I have done of the last 13 years. You're also talking about my family. It would be easy for me to criticize the other media in town and point out their faults and how they're keeping El Paso down. But I don't do it because I realize the limitations under which we work. I know how thinly we are spread. I understand how newsrooms work.

    Having said that, I can tell you that I am proud of the work the journalist at the Times do day and day out. I don't think many here in El Paso could do it. That includes you.

    And Jaime, you're a cool vato and I always stick by a Redskins fan (God knows someone has to 'cos it's hard to be one). But I think your copyright issue is different. The issue yesterday was an outright copy and paste job of a story our "crappy" journalists did. What you claim happens with your stories when they're "stolen" is they read your info and then they verify it and write their own story. I seriously doubt our reporters do that. But hey, the paper is read over the radio waves every morning. Right?See More
    November 5 at 11:13am
    Jay Koester
    The editorial: Back when folks were angry about the McCain endorsement, much of the argument seemed to be, "How could the Times do that in Democratic El Paso? The Times doesn't reflect El Paso! It's not right!" Well, like it or not, this t...ime the endorsement reflected El Paso. So why is it not OK this time?

    Or is the real issue that the opinion page isn't allowed to write anything that disagrees with Lisa D's outlook on life?

    Even from inside the Times, I was able to somehow find the fortitude to read our editorial, then vote against the proposition anyway. In fact, I can't say the editorial made me respect the Times any less.

    It's really not that difficult of a concept once you realize people are allowed to have opinions that differ from your own.See More
    November 5 at 3:28pm
    Lisa Degliantoni
    ‎@Gus you cannot genuinely believe that you are part of an elite group of very talented journos (of which there aren't many in El Paso, including me) who pull off the masterful reporting day in and day out. At this point you are being snark...y, petty and Sicilian. There are tons of talented writers, editors and journalists who graduate from El Paso High Schools every year and they leave to work at better papers. Or they come home after college and are forced to work at PIOs because the 7 reporting jobs at the El Paso Times have been held onto by somebody like you for 13 years and there's no room for new people. If you love El Paso so much why don't you step aside and let some young kid have your job and start your own paper, maybe you could go to print with I'm Doing El Paso, it could look just like El Paso Magazine! With pretty photos and pretty fluff, I am sure you could handle closing 100+ pages of a monthly magazine, you're talented enough.See More
    November 7 at 5:32pm
    Gustavo Reveles
    Oh please, I would find offense in that if it came from someone with real media credentials behind her. But it comes from you, so I just take ut ad face value.

    You don't like my reporting? Get in line. I piss people off with it all the time.... But at the end of the day I am comforted by the knowledge that my work has changed policies, helped tax entities reduce waste, brought national and international attention to issues affecting our students and set the pace for public entities to fire people who were abusing their power.

    All that, and I'm just one 'em talentless hacks working in this city. Damn. Meanwhile, you and your gaggle of 'hip' and young writers do nothing to prove yourselves. You feel entitled to a job just because you left and came back and you can put a sentence together. Well, fuck that.

    Lisa, I'm not going to change your mind and you're not going to change mine. You think I'm a hack working for a subpar paper and I think you're a talentless snob who thinks she can save the poor people of El Paso.

    Let's just leave it at that.

    El Paso Sets Trends in Landscaping Design

    This house is in Central El Paso and during the Holidays they switch the cans to Budweiser, which are red and festive.

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