Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art News: Hal Marcus postcard collection deleted Juarez

El Paso artist Hal Marcus made some of his earliest works using the Juarez mercado as his subject. Click here to see images of the famous El Mercado painting. Unfortunately since the drug war erupted in Mexico, thousands of murders have made Juarez a town that El Paso wants to distance itself from and in Hal Marcus' latest Postcard Show, the intent is clear - LOOK AT EL PASO, NOT JUAREZ.

In an article by Doug Pullen titled, Postcard promote El Paso experience, The idea is to distance West Texas city from nearby Juarez, Marcus' current exhibit is designed to counter some of the negative publicity the area has received since a drug war in Juarez began claiming lives. Out of the The 49 works of art in "El Paso Postcards" not one is of Juarez.

This is a great start to a debate El Pasoans need to be having; Do we hope Mexico will go away if we ignore it hard enough? Do we only love our sister city when it benefits us economically? How dare those who once made their fame from Mexico turn against her in her greatest time of need!


  1. The show isn't about distancing itself from Juarez. The show is about just what the title says it's about..."EL PASO Postcards".

    *Disapointed in your article*

  2. The article written by Doug Pullen about this show high lights the fact that Juarez is intentionally ignored as it is ruining people's perception of El Paso. I am discussion this on the show today and please feel free to call in 915.880.4376 to discuss.