Monday, November 22, 2010

11.22.10: Today's Show

Hello and welcome to Thanksgiving week, I will be on the air Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, off Thursday and Friday. If you are traveling out of El Paso for the Holiday, don't panic, you can stream the show at at noon MST.

Today on The Lisa D Show at noon we'll start the show with an interview with our good friend Chris Babcock. Babcock will discuss issues that matter to him and news that should matter to you.

Next we've uncovered a fantastic archive of vegetarian recipes on the New York Times website and we'll listed a few Border style recipes here. Be sure to read more about these so you don't make the vegan at the table feel like an alien, remember holidays are about inclusion.

The live interview segment of the show features several students from Community Scholars who are reporting on the state of sex education in Texas. What's interesting about this report is it's the first time in the history of presenting that Community Scholars received protests and actually had to call police to remove protesters from the building. What did they discover about sex ed in Texas? What are people so afraid of the Scholars discovering? We'll discuss all this and more.

Lastly, at the top of this post is a recent photo I took at the Keystone Botanical Gardens on Doniphan. Fall is a spectacular time to visit the Gardens, click here for a full slide show of images. Click here for Garden hours and directions.

Tune into the show at KHRO 1150 AM or stream the show at Also, feel free to call the show at 915.880.4376 or send an email to

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