Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Artpace Billboard: Executive heading East from Paisano

Are you driving around El Paso wondering what the big hand on the billboard is?


El Paso is one of the markets that is currently featuring a very unique art project.

Artpace San Antonio “serves as a laboratory for the creation and advancement of international and contemporary art. They believe that art is a dynamic social force that inspires individuals and defines cultures. Their residencies, exhibitions, and education programs nurture the creative expression of emerging and established artists, while actively engaging youth and adult audiences. “ (www.artpace.org)

Artpace is a non-profit public charity, and is greatly appreciative of Clear Channel Outdoor’s support in realizing their Felix Gonzalez-Torres Billboard Exhibition. The late Gonzalez-Torres, who was a resident artist at Artpace shortly before his death, created a body of art specifically designed for display on outdoor media—billboards.

This exhibit is showing in the major Texas markets to reach a regional audience. This exhibition will be married to PR efforts to raise awareness and will be tied in to Artpace’s 15th year anniversary branding campaign.

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