Monday, November 15, 2010

11.15.10: Today's Show

Today on The Lisa D Show at noon we'll start the show with an interview with our good friend Chris Babcock. Babcock will discuss issues that matter to him and news that should matter to you.

Then for the live interview segment we'll talk to Peter Svarbein about his very exciting Border Trolley Project. From his press release: If you've come across the mysterious black and white poster images of the trolley driver with a hat dotting various parts of downtown El Paso, then you've probably seen the work of visual artist Peter Svarzbein! The poster series titled “The El Paso Transnational Trolley Project” is a visual art campaign for a make believe transit system aimed at raising awareness of what one vision of the future could be, says Svarzbein, if commuters from El Paso and Juarez felt safe again commuting to and from both cities via a transnational trolley system. With slogans like “Here to Make The Border Safe Again” and “Let Us Take You Home On Either Side of The Border,” the objective of the project is to evoke curiosity, and stir hope for some normalcy in the border region from the surge of violence and uncertainty that has plagued El Paso’s sister-city, Juarez.

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