Friday, December 18, 2009

A talk radio show is born

Several years ago, I filled in as a guest host on a local talk radio show about politics. Live and caller driven, my first day found me in front of mic for three hours; radio has been a serious passion ever since. One of my favorite talk radio formats is the live interview with a compelling guest and anonymous callers throwing in their opinions. Blending together improv, comedy, journalism, preaching and more, this format provides the guest, host and callers a level of human interaction that is truly unique. Adding technology to the mix (texting, Facebook, Twitter), the experience becomes multidimensional. Unique and multidimensional forms of communication are extremely rare and keeping them alive is one of my newfound missions. I invite you to tune in, online or on the radio, and join in the conversation for a new and exciting way to do the only thing we hold truly unique as a species, talk.