Monday, January 28, 2019

Girl Boss Reyes Witt of Assembly Creators in Downtown Evanston

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Reyes Witt is curating a marketplace (Assembly Creators Market) in Downtown Evanston that offers experiential shopping and features merchandise by a select group of creators.

Witt’s packing more than 20 years experience as a fashion merchandising executive, and in the last year, she “took a break” and launched a diabetes line of accessories (Dropp Kitt), a brick and mortar storefront (Assembly Creators Market) and an accessory line (jerjerB. Jewelry & Accessories); That’s how girl bosses take “breaks”.

Evanston’s really cool and culturally diverse community drew Witt to Orrington Ave, where she’s hoping to “offer affordable luxury items” to the numerous shoppers Downtown Evanston draws every workday. Her store is merchandised with a masterful design eye, “We’re like Anthropologie but less Boho and a little more chic and modern,” says Witt.

This interview is the first in a series of interview with Girl Bosses/Boss Ladies, women who run their own shops or endeavors in a super creative and interesting way. Know of one? Email thelisadshow[at]

Contact Reyes at or 847.859.6031 and pay a visit to Assembly Creators at1642 Orrington Avenue, Evanston, IL 60201

Reyes Witt’s Bio

Before launching Assembly Creators Market., Reyes Witt cut her teeth-- and learned to cut leather-- developing luxury goods for Coach and Ralph Lauren. At the helm of go-to market strategies for a number of national brands and private label lines Reyes hit the wall when the story about the product became more important than the product itself.
It was at a leather show in Milan, Italy, that Witt, inspired by the colors and textures that didn't have a place in the world of mass-produced accessories, first imagined jerjerB. Jewelry & Accessories, her first solo collection.
Understanding the physical stress and labor involved for makers to present at markets, Reyes decided to bring all of the talent under one roof providing a place for Makers and Creators to showcase their talents in a curated environment.
Her goal to bridge the gap in top-shelf goods by creating a destination to shop without the insane markup associated with luxury items.