Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1.27.10: Blogs I like

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109 N. Mesa (El Paso, Texas) Is the address of the building where I live. I live in a seven story building that houses six loft like apartments and retail stores on the first floor. This blog is about the people, places and things five blocks around this building and sometimes in this building. No more no less."

In addition to being interesting and beautiful, this blog has managed to spark quite a debate on my Facebook page. First take a look at this blog, browse the photos, then read through some of the comments from my Facebook page (Lisa Degliantoni) on this post.

We'll be interviewing the creator of this blog in a few weeks on "The Lisa D Show," but first I want this conversation to gain some traction and make sure that I interview as many people and view points that I can.

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