Friday, January 29, 2010

1.2010: "The Lisa D Show" Guests

This month on “The Lisa D Show" an eclectic mix of people were interviewed to include writers, photographers, promoters, editors, producers, directors, visual artists, curators, graphic designers, reverends and more. Below is a list of show guests in January.

1.4.10: Chris Babcock, new analyst and Shawn Abel, arts advocate

1.5.10: Austin Savage, founder of the Border Theatre Project

1.6.10: Lisa Garibay, founder of

1.7.10: Brooke Chalka and Joanne Lopez, directors of “Confessions of Women”

1.8.10: Jessica Escalante and Cassandra Yardeni, founders of

1.11.10: Eli Velasquez, Executive Director of the TransPecos/El Paso Regional Center of Innovation and Commercialization (RCIC),

1.12.10: Godfrey Harris, curator of "The Da Vinci Experience Exhibition” at the El Paso Museum of History

1.13.10: Mac Montandon, author of Jetpack Dreams,

1.14.10: Sue Malone, small business lending guru

1.15.10: Miguel deSantiago, editor of

1.19.10: Rev. Kati L. Houts from the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Church

1.20.10: Mark Paulda, author of Celebrating El Paso

1.21.10: Jan Wolfe, writer for, David Villanueva, director of, “Out of the Closet and Into the Fire”

1.22.10: Jeff Antebi, photographer of “Narco Christmas” for

1.25.10: Rebecca Lampinstein, co-owner of Ripe, to promote Haiti relief effort funder and the producer of “Cocina Indigena

1.26.10: Arturo Arce, creator of Hell Paso, an El Paso clothing brand and Dr. N.A. Adams of Texas Tech, author of Nutrition for the Eye

1.27.10: Benjamin Sáenz, author of Last Night I Sang to the Monster

1.28.10: Jan Wolfe, director of “Die Laughing”

1.29.10: Christine Foerster, creator of farm.stand, and Anne Giangiulio, graphic designer, both showing at the Rubin Center for the Visual Art

If you're interested in being a guest on "The Lisa D Show" send an email to

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