Wednesday, January 20, 2010

1.20.10: Grow Your Brain Book Winner

Congratulations to Christopher who won a signed copy of Celebrating El Paso by Mark Paulda. Paulda was the featured author interviewed on "The Lisa D Show" today and gave away a signed copy of his book to Christopher who answered this trivia question correctly; Q: Who published Celebrating El Paso? A: TCU Press. Congratulations Christopher, enjoy your copy of Celebrating El Paso.

Tune in Wednesdays for the weekly segment "Grow your brain, win a book!" I'll interview an author and during the following segment, ask a trivia question from the interview and the first caller (915.880.4376) to answer the trivia question correctly will win a signed copy of a book by the author interviewed that day. The book will come to you in the mail, you'll read it, and your brain will grow.*

For information on how you can become a featured author on "The Lisa D Show" email

*I have no evidence your brain will grow if you read a book, but it sounds good, so we're going to use it.

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