Saturday, January 29, 2011

Homeless in El Paso: Mark

As told to me by Mark, parking lot on Mesa and University, Jan. 27, 2011:

Mark arrived in El Paso from Albuquerque recently, and he's one of the most visible homeless men in the city given his outfit. Mark wears a Santa Claus costume and Scooby Doo hat so that he can spread good cheer to all those who see him walking the streets. The outfit landed him on the front page of the Albuquerque Journal in December 2009. (I have yet to fact check that.)

These days Mark is busy raising $50 so he can buy an Easter Bunny costume and head back to Albuquerque by Easter Sunday in the hopes of landing back on the front page of the Journal. He is very excited to tell you his story and I promised him I would help him raise the $50 for his bunny suit.

If you see Mark on the street, please make a donation for his Easter Bunny suit and let him know you heard about him from Lisa.

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