Tuesday, January 4, 2011

News: Oprah Net Launches, Critics Respond

From The Hollywood Reporter
Oprah Winfrey launched her new cable channel at noon Saturday. So what do the critics have to say about it, now that it's all of a day old? The New York Times wrote that "OWN is a place where cynicism takes a holiday and mockery hasn't yet been invented." IndieWire.com weighed in that OWN "displays a whiff of spirituality, a huge amount of life-style fluff and a surprising layer of substance." It added that only die-hard Winfrey fans would like most of the programs that air on the network, which ranges from shows on cooking and how to unclutter your home to celebrity-themed series starring Sarah Ferguson and Shania Twain.

Salon.com called it a living monument to its creator's power -- and a celebration of her willingness to use that power as a force for good: "We won't just watch OWN; we will gaze upon it with awe and affection and marvel at the sweet magnificence of its founder."

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