Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Radio Archives: Tom Brown Radio Interview on The Lisa D Show

From Pastor Tom Brown's newsletter:

Radio Interview
You can hear the spirited interview with gay-activist, Lisa Degliantoni and Pastor Brown by clicking here. Two days later, Lisa applauded a gay magazine that called Pastor Tom Brown a bigot. [Click here to read the Dallas Voice article by John Wright, "Now that he's screwed 200 out of health benefits, El Paso bigot Tom Brown wants to be left alone."] Since then Pastor Tom says he will not be granting interviews with her and the station anymore. Enjoy this last one.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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  1. I listened to the interview you had with Pastor Tom Brown. It was clear to me there was a lot of your trying to trap him in this interview. I am sorry to say that is sad. You are a dynamic woman who stands up for issues but when all I could hear was how you kept trying to get him to say things against his beliefs it struck me wrong. This society IS changing, but the issue here seems to be money not the bible. Yes, he is voicing what he believes through documentation within the Bible. Agreeing with people who are calling him a bigot is below you and I am really sad you went there. I know for a fact that being a great reporter and interviewer is the ability to keep ones opinions and beliefs to themselves and just present things so people can form their own opinions. Seems, now I have formed one about you and I have never met you.