Saturday, January 15, 2011

Protest: Tom Brown Book Signing Protest

Join El Paso For Equality tomorrow as we protest outside of Barnes and Noble West during Tom Brown's book signing, Saturday, January 15 · 11:00am - 2:00pm
. El Paso and Barnes and Noble must know we no longer will stand for bigotry and hate. We must stand up, be heard, and let everyone know that EQUALITY is afforded to all.

It must be known, to all parties including Barnes and Noble, that free speech (including writing) is a fundamental element of our constitution however Tom Brown spews hatred towards gay and lesbians. Equally important as our 1st Amendment to free speech, El Paso For Equality stands for our 14th Amendment that ensures the Equal Protection Clause. This form of Equality must be extended to all people, including the LGBT community. Yesterday's injunction order, from an El Paso Federal Judge, further propagates and ensures equality in El Paso is and must be afforded to all.

Furthermore, El Paso For Equality, working with other local LGBT organizations plans to express OUR 1st Amendment Right to peacefully assemble and protest Tom Brown's book signing tomorrow at the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore at 705 Sunland Park Drive. If Barnes and Noble intends to promote selling his book, by allowing a book signing, and allow for Tom Brown's bigotry / hatred towards El Paso's LGBT community something must be done! We also plan encourage all LGBT organizations nationwide to boycott this bookseller if they are promoting his book by allowing a book signing. In our modern age, we have options and can patronize other businesses instead of Barnes and Noble.


For more information or to help, contact El Paso For Equality at 915.920.1849

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