Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: Random Americana by John Rust at Community Exhibit Space

Random Americana

Exhibit by John Rust

Community Exhibits Space-1st Floor City Hall

Until January 3, 2011

El Paso, TX - The Community Exhibits Space on the first floor of City Hall will host Random Americana. The exhibit comprised of eight oil on canvas works will be on display until January 3, 2011. For items of interest, you may contact the artist directly at

Artist Statement:

It’s easy to take for granted what you see, when it’s in front of you everyday. Signs, buildings and points of interest blend into the background as we move through our busy lives.

I use historical and significant elements from the El Paso region as source material for many of my paintings. When juxtaposed with images from popular culture, distorted perspective and over-saturated colors, I hope I help bring a new focus to objects forgotten.

For more information contact Victor Guerrero at (915) 541-4942.


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