Thursday, December 30, 2010

Event: El Paso for Equality Peition Signing

When: Tonight at 6 p.m. at Starbucks Coffee shops in El Paso
What: El Paso for Equality petition signing event, stop by and sign the petition for equality
Where: See Starbucks location list below

Starbucks (by UTEP) -- Lyda Ness
Starbucks (near Airway...s) -- Danny De Anda & Co.
Starbucks (by Hanks High) -- Jerry Ramirez & Gari Lewis-Carpio
Starbucks (behind Bassett) -- Lisa Degliantoni
Starbucks (top of Sunland Park) -- Veronica Frescas
Starbucks (near Cohen Stadium) -- Rick Walther & The Amundsons
Starbucks (by Redd) -- Joseph Piltz & Co.
Starbucks (near Country Club) -- Sigi Andujo & Co.
Starbucks (on the Loop) -- Jaime Abeytia
Barnes & Nobles Starbucks (Viscount) -- Daniel Rollings

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