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El Pasoans Travel to Haiti this January

Traveling to Haiti - January 6, 2011 by Chrissy Rich Kleberg

Dear friends,

I will be traveling to Haiti with my husband on January 6, 2011 with a nonprofit group, We Hear Your Voice. The organization was started by Jay’s cousin, Justin Yarborough, and a law school classmate of his, Kennedy Granger. The inspiration behind Justin’s desire to help Haiti came after his successful trip to rescue three children and reunite them with their mother. You can see their CNN Interview with Wolf Blitzer (

We Hear Your Voice, in partnership with other organizations, plans to do the following:

# Facilitate companies, aid organizations, and nonprofits with resources and innovative ideas to help Haitians recover by means of developing models for sustainability.

# Focus on rebuilding schools and orphanages, and help foster self-sufficiency by creating jobs through social entrepreneurship (rather than plain cash and foreign aid). In time, we hope to help educate future leaders.

# Film a documentary. We want to use the power of media to inspire people to learn how they can help Haiti, and better understand a country rich in history and heritage. You can view the trailer here:

Justin will be leaving for Haiti on December 14th to begin Project Thirty: $30 for 30 Days. Below is a note from Justin:

“I’m turning 30 this December and celebrating it by moving to Haiti for 30 days from December 14th – January 12th, with the 30th day falling on the one-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake. During this time I will live at the tent city and orphanage we have been helping support since January. Run by our friend Ben Constant, the tent city camp is located at the National Soccer Stadium in downtown Port-au-Prince. Ben’s sister, Marie Jo Poux, founded Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants, the orphanage in the Delmas district – which has become something of a second home for me recently. This will be our 7th trip to Haiti this year, and we need your help to continue to ease the growing despair and hardship suffered by those we have grown to call friends, and some even family. Although it has been nearly 11 months since the earthquake, their conditions haven't improved as not a cent of the $1.15 billion the U.S. promised for rebuilding has arrived."

Jay and I will be visiting with the kids from the orphanage, Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants, and will be taking as many supplies to them as we can possible carry with us to Haiti. We would love to give these kids something to smile about over the holidays since they have been away from their homes and living in the tent city for almost a year. Below is a list of items that we would like to take with us that the kids desperately need:

- School supplies

- Small, easy to pack toys

- General Hygiene Supplies:




Hand Sanitizer

Water Purification Tablets

- Medicine:

Children’s Tylenol-liquid

Children’s Benadryl-liquid

Benadryl Cream

Calamine Lotion

Children’s Chewable Vitamins

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Children’s Cough and Cold-liquid (Dimetapp)

Hydrogen Peroxide

Rubbing Alcohol

Band-Aids/other general first aid items


If you wish to donate, please email

Other ways you can help:

# Make an Online Donation of $30 for Justin’s 30th Birthday

# Provide Food, Clothing, Health Care and School Supplies for a Child at Marie Jo’s Orphanage for One Year for $250.

For more information, please visit the following websites:

Nonprofit Website:

Documentary Trailer:

Facebook Fan Page:

Alpine Avalanche:

SA Express-News:

News 4 San Antonio: St. Mary's Law Student's "Project 30" Helps Haitians

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