Friday, December 10, 2010

Event: 2nd PSI Event, Friday December 10th, 6-8+ pm

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As some of you know, tomorrow Friday December 10th we will host our second meeting of the Philosophical Systems Institute, this time as a joint event with the Border Theatre Group. The PSI event is free, but the Border Theatre group is charging a door fee of $10. However, if you are just planning to attend the PSI event you can let the good folks at the door know and they will let you in for free. Of course, we hope that you are tempted by the performances and music and you can join us for the plays as well as the philosophical discussion.

Keyholder members of PSI and one guest enter free at all events at Glasbox. One of the perks of membership :) For more information about PSI and membership go to:

Schedule for tomorrow's event:

From 6-8 p.m. we will continue the discussion we began last time on the question of the meaning of probability and/or the state of the quantum cat, also known as the cat-in-the-box, or Schrödinger's cat, with some poster presentations and the art competition on the best representation of the cat prior to or during the opening the box. There will be some refreshments and light snacks at that time.

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