Friday, February 12, 2010

2.12.10: Today's Guest

Susan Goss, EDGE! Program Director at Fort Bliss, will be our guest on today’s show. We’ll talk about EDGE, a program focused on offering FREE "cutting edge" after school activities for Ft. Bliss youth between the ages of 11-18, to include: adventure, art, fit and life.

From Goss: “For example, as part of the EDGE Life program we have developed a music industry program that involves all the aspects of starting and maintaining a "garage band". The EDGE! spent over $12,000 to purchase state of the art musical instruments/equipment and another $20,000 to purchase a trailer to haul the equipment in. Garage Band is composed of some kids who know how to sing or play and many who are learning. We also have a photographer, band manager, and roadies and are recruiting for more roadies (can't ever have enough hands to help with the heavy lifting), a graphic designer, sound tech, and any other peripheral support positions that will make our band stronger and better! We have our first gig on Feb. 20 where we are the intermission entertainment for the Ascarate Lake Trout Fishing Tournament.”

We’ll also discuss Valentine’s Day, what you can do for your loved ones and how to avoid the day all together. published a very interesting article on alternative ways to celebrate VDay, click here to read the full article – which we’ll discuss too.

As always feel free to call the show and participate in the conversation at 915-880-4376! Happy Friday.

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