Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2.16.10: Today's Guests

Today on "The Lisa D Show" we'll talk to Chris Babcock for our weekly dose of news analysis on news that matters to you!

We'll also talk with Ernie Hernandez about a very exciting fundraiser on March 27 benefitting El Paso Sun City Pride. Hernandez secured Skyy Vodka, Ardovino's Desert Crossing and Southern Wine and Spirits to throw a fantastic party feaurting El Paso native and celebrity Bo Dixon.

Bo Dixon will be signing his new beefcake calendar and raffling off workout sessions for interested parties. Proceeds will go towards outreach, education and events sponsored by El Paso Sun City Pride.

"El Paso Sun City Pride celebrates the present, envisions the future and honors the past accomplishments of our community through the visibility and awareness created by progressive policies already in place in our beautiful city of El Paso. “Coming Out” marks the beginning of the gay self-realization process; “Pride” marks its culmination.

In addition to celebrating our positive contributions, our sexual identity, our cultures, our families, our accomplishments, our individuality and our on-going struggle for civil rights, EPSCP will help thousands discover the breadth of the LGBT community in El Paso. Community organizations such as ours provide opportunities for education, growth and self-realization, as well as increasing the diversity, visibility and unity, in and between, the LGBT and Straight communities."

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