Monday, April 26, 2010

Support Talk Radio 1150 AM

The station where "The Lisa D Show" is produced offers listeners local talk radio programming more than eight hours a day - unique in this market. Show us you love talk radio by supporting our station for FREE. Below are several ways you can help us grow without spending a dime:

Social Media
Our Facebook page is up and running with 263 Fans already! If you love us, show us, by Fanning or Friends Talk Radio 1150 on Facebook. We will recognize milestones (100 Fans, 200 Fans, etc.) with ticket giveaways to concerts (like WAR) or gift certificates to local restaurants (like Seafood Galley). Click here to fan us!

Help Talk Radio 1150 grow a robust online community by streaming our programming from your desktop. Visit and click on “Listen Live” to stream any of our programming, for free, 24 hours a day! Click here to stream us!

We are inviting members of the community to join in the conversation on issues that matter to you on our blog page. Visit and click on Talk! Here you will find a long list of blog entries covering topics from politics to art to gardening. Click here to visit Talk! and make this page one of your favorites.

The Bat Line
For those of you who want more access to our hosts, you can email us anytime at and we will be sure to route your email to the right person. Got a gripe? Got a suggestion? Feel free to tell us about it. You can also call the station during any of our talk shows, 915-880-4376, and join in the conversation! (If you call during my show, don’t say “I have a cat.” If you do, Ruben will hang up on you.)

From our website:

Talk Radio 1150 is El Paso’s home for politics, the arts, finance, and talk radio. Our line-up of political hosts spans the political spectrum from the left, to the right, from the young, and to the not-so-young providing insight, analysis, stimulating discussion. We talk about everything from local news and politics, national issues, culture, and current events.

When it comes to the arts, Talk Radio 1150 offers experts on the local art scene that keep you up-to-date on everything from the classics to contemporary art.

Stay with Talk Radio 1150 all to and keep yourself up-to-date, informed, and entertained!

Monday – Friday
7am-10am Greg Being Greg hosted by Greg Freyermuth
10am-1pm The LionStar Live! With Jaime Abeytia
1pm-2pm The Lisa D Show hosted by Lisa Degliantoni
2pm-4pm El Paso for America with Hector H. Lopez
4pm-6pm El Paso on the Move! Hosted by “The Strelz” Paul Strelzin

8am-9am Dr. Jodi Kincaide
9am-10am Mike Graham
10am-11am Fred Morales
11am-1pm The Ruben Zavala Radio Program with Ruben Zavala
1pm-3pm Everybody’s a Philosopher with Raul Amaya
3pm-4pm Wayne Thornton

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