Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.22.10: Today's Topics

Today on "The Lisa D Show" we focus on three very exciting upcoming events and projects; Horseshoe Gallery in San Eli, the First Thanksgiving Celebration & Conference 2010 and El Paso ERA.

Horshoe Gallery
Al Borrego will talk to us about this very exciting new gallery space in the Lower Valley that shows local artists, attracting numerous tourists. This weekend the gallery is expected to see a rush of traffic on Sunday thanks to the First Thanksgiving Celebration.

First Thanksgiving Celebration
Maya Sanchez will talk to us about the First Thanksgiving Celebration presented by the El Paso Mission Trail Association. "The three-day conference and celebration culminates with the re-enactment of the First Thanksgiving of the Southwest and continue with a celebration of music, food, exhibits and art. All the topics and events are dedicated to promote and preserve the rich and beautiful history of San Elizario and the Paso del Norte Region. Adobe Horseshoe Dinner Theatre, 1500 Main St."

El Paso ERA
Live in the studio we'll talk to JJ and Alan about ERA, a very cool new project that helps promote arts & culture events in El Paso. "ERA started when JJ and Stephen Escarzaga decided to help out the local music and art scene through education, special events and community outreach in December 2008. Alan went to a show at the Black Market on December 28th, 2008, but it got cancelled. Seeing the 3 touring bands (Local Natives, Voxhaul Broadcast and The Union Line) stranded with no where to go, Alan helped them get their show back, beginning his involvement with music in El Paso. on January 3rd, Alan met with JJ and Stephen and saw that they all shared the same ideas, and began planning ERA."


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