Monday, April 5, 2010

4.5.10: Today's Guests

Today on "The Lisa D Show" we'll start the show with Monday guest Chris Babcock talking about news that matters. Our main focus is one news story in particular that broke over the weekend, "Rep. Norma Chávez baits Naomi Gonzalez about sexual orientation." Seeing as Early Voting starts today, this story is a great conversation piece as it's timely and deals with the culture of politics and dirty campaigns.

Later in the show, se'll talk to El Paso Representative Susie Byrd about her personal experience with dirty campaigns and how she feels about Chavez "outing" Gonzalez.

Byrd posted a link to the article mentioned above on her Facebook page and a tremendous conversation started and is still going strong. Is it ethical to make a candidate's sexualty part of politics? Tune in today to look into this issue and more.


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  1. Lisa - the reason I LISTEN to your show is cause I think that there is a ray of hope for this town can grow up and act like a better place then I left about 25 years,then i get a smell of the shit that keeps this town from growning up and acting like something now then it is,crap crap why is it so hard to accept people as they are,so what if we are different
    its such crap. this town will alway stay the same,Lisa you can make it seem like it smell (el paso) so wonderful,be its crap.

  2. Jimmy, I hear you but one of the best things about my show is the discussions we are finally having - out loud and on live radio. If we don't look at our past and hash it out, we will never become the rocking city we can be. Keep listening, don't give up, this town won't always be the same, in fact this show is one sign of changes a comin, no? -Lisa