Thursday, October 7, 2010

10.7.10: Today's Show

Today on "The Lisa D Show" at noon MST on KHRO 1150 AM we'll interview muralist and artist Werk. Werk's murals are in various locations around El Paso, the one pictured above is on Copia by the train overpass in Central. Born and raised in El Paso, Werk was recently commissioned to paint the South El Paso Street Bridge, his largest project to date. He'll be live in the studio today discussing upcoming projects, murals of El Paso and more.

Also, Biz Tech is less than a week away, buy your tickets today at 566-4066. We'll talk to a Biz Tech representative today about what vendors will be present at the annual convention. Biz Tech is 10.13.10 at the El Paso Convention Center.

Tune into the show at KHRO 1150 AM or stream the show at Also, feel free to call the show at 915.880.4376 or send an email to

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  1. Glad I could finally listen to your show!
    I love AM rancheras, corridos, cubmias, and your show! Very informative and relevant to the community. I found Werc's webpage - will you suggest to him to put contact info on the page?