Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sign the Petition to Keep Arts in EPISD

Do more than just become a Facebook fan for the Arts and visit the link below to sign a petition in support!


"In keeping with Dr. Garcia's principle of classroom practices based on research evidence, studies have shown that arts teaching and learning can increase students' cognitive and social development.

Please sign this petition to keep the arts alive in EPISD!"


  1. # 78: 8:22 am PDT, Jun 22, Lisa Degliantoni, Texas
    I believe that teaching art as part of the daily curriculum develops the imagination which helps children deal with adversity and problems as they grow older. Also, artists are so much more interesting than engineers, so let's raise more artists!!!!

  2. Lisa - It's not a zero-sum. We need engineers as much as we need artists. Many artists and architects find their innovative genius from their artistic side.