Thursday, May 31, 2018

Megan Magill on her Billions of Particles Exhibit at the Saw Room Gallery

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This Saturday, 5-8p, at the Alley Gallery’s Saw Room (1712 Sherman Ave.) Megan Magill and Marc Sirinsky celebrate the opening of their exhibit “Billions of Particles.” The closing reception is Saturday July. 7, 5-8pm. Exhibition runs June 2 – July 14.

Megan Magill’s images use miniscule materials and underlying visual patterns to explore uncertainty. In this podcast we talk about Magill’s attraction to that uncertainty and how she welcomes it into her process.

About Megan:
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Megan Magill is an artist based in Chicago and Maine. She received her BA in Humanities at the University of Colorado, her Masters from Northwestern University and her MFA from Maine Media College. Her work has been exhibited in group and joint shows nationally and she was recently a semi-finalist in the Print Center's International Competition. My Business is Circumference was featured at the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography and The Habit of Winning was featured in F-Stop Magazine’s portfolio issue with an interview by William Cox and in a print publication with LDOC . In the fall of 2017 her work will be published in American: Authors, Interpreters, and Composers a book series created by Patricio Binaghi of Paripe Books and designed by Matt Wiley of the New York Times Magazine.

From Saw Room Gallery:

Megan Magill manipulates found images and vintage snapshots with various printing techniques. Here are Megan’s thoughts on her process behind her series “We Are All Made Of Such Stars”:

“Traditional halftone printing aims to reproduce continuous tone imagery by varying the size and spacing of dots of the same color. This method produces the look of an image that is continuous by “optical illusion”. In this work I am trying to do the opposite. I am making the illusion visible in order to contemplate questions with uncertain answers.

Are we still ok if life is made up of all of these little parts, most of which are out of our control? Can the sum of these parts equal a truth or is this truth constantly breaking up into its parts? Do we in the end have to take this on faith?”


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