Friday, May 25, 2018

Lori Osborne Elevates & Celebrates Women's History in Evanston

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Lori Osborne is the Director of the Frances Willard House Museum and the Evanston Women's History Project. In these roles, Lori brings to light the stories of up to 300 Evanston women who made great strides in the Women's Movement.

In this interview we talk about two very exciting projects happening at the Frances Willard House at 1730 Chicago Ave in Evanston;
1. The She Persisted BicycleTour of Evanston Women's History - pick one up May 27, 1-4p.m.
2. Vanessa Filley's Artist in Residence Photography project - unveiling June 2, 12-5p.m. 

More information below about both projects. Thank you to Lori and all the volunteers at Frances Willard House in Evanston for keeping this museum part of our lives!

The Frances Willard House will be open for tours this Sunday, May 27th for regular tours between 1-4 p.m. Bring the family and enjoy a tour!

It’s also the debut weekend for our Tour Evanston Women’s History Map, which provides a self-guided tour highlighting fifteen women’s history sites throughout Evanston around the theme, She Persisted.

FWHM, in partnership with the Evanston Women’s History Project and Shorefront Legacy Center, is proud to announce the first annual Tour Evanston Women’s History Map. The 2018 map will highlight fifteen women’s history sites throughout Evanston around the theme, She Persisted. It will provide a fun, informative and relevant summer activity as a self-guided walking, biking, and driving tour, with brief information about fifteen amazing Evanston women.

Lori Osborne, director of FWHM and the Women’s History Project says: “We are excited to bring this new way to experience Evanston women’s history to the community. It combines two of our favorite things: healthy activity and women’s history!”

Designed by local illustrator Caroline Brown, the map will cost $10 and will be available for purchase beginning Sunday, May 27th (Memorial Day weekend) from 1-4 p.m. at the Frances Willard House and the Evanston History Center (EHC). It will be available for purchase throughout the summer when these locations are open (Willard House – Thursdays and Sundays 1-4 p.m.; EHC – Thursdays-Sundays 1-4 p.m.). Additional locations to be announced.

Sponsorship of the map comes from Emile Hogan Broker @PropertiesThe Wellness Revolution, and The Printed Word.

 Click here for more info.

2018 Visiting Artist: Photographer Vanessa Filley

We are pleased to announce our new visiting artist program. Through this annual program we will partner with a local artist who will create new work inspired by the museum - its story, its collection - and display this new work in the museum. Our inaugural artist is Photographer Vanessa Filley and she will working at the house starting this month. We will be showing her work (in progress) starting Saturday, June 2nd with an open studio as part of Evanston Made from 12-5 pm. Her work will be on display and viewable throughout the summer when the museum is open for tours (Sundays 1-4 pm) and select special dates to be announced.

Vanessa Filley is a fine art photographer whose current work focuses on women's organizing movements. While in residence at the FWHM she will be working on a project that imagines a web of connections bridging the perseverance of women organizing throughout history to women organizing today. Come see what she creates!


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