Friday, May 11, 2018

Heather Hancock's Contemporary Glass Mosaics at Evanston Art Center

The Lisa D Show podcast was recorded in Heather Hancock's Evanston art studio. Hancock uses glass to create contemporary mosaics to "explore contemporary ideas about mind, place and information."

This month, Heather presents Catching Light: the Art of Architecture at Evanston Art Center

All new work can be viewed at the Evanston Art Center as part of Catching Light: the Art of Architecture through May 26. This is the perfect light-filled space for my Reflect series, exploring urban form and beauty.

As part of the exhibition I'm bringing together a panel of design professionals to discuss how the built world functions as a frame for life.

Reflecting on Light, Architecture and Design
Wednesday, May 16, 6:30-8p, Evanston Art Center
From our individual dwellings to our shared city streets, we thrive in engaging environments. Join Heather Hancock for a conversation with Nate Kipnis, Principal, Kipnis Architecture, Jodi Mariano, Principal Urban Design, Teska Associates, Pam Daniels, Assistant Professor, NU Segal Design Program and Jeff Meeuwsen, Executive Director, Ragdale about how art and design help us live well in the built world.

Heather's statement: I use the ancient medium of glass as a conceptual tool to explore contemporary ideas about mind, place and information. The most compelling aspect of working with glass is the way the material loves light, sparkling and shimmering to engage a viewer. I think a lot about what draws our attention, and why—especially in this world where there are so many things competing for our attention. An element of surprise or unpredictability always makes us notice. Alongside the hard lines and repetitive forms of our cityscape, I notice the fluidity and constant transformations in our natural world. Those moments fascinate me and I try to re-create them in my work to offer a sustaining viewing experience. Making work with glass means that the experience is infinitely variable: changing with lighting, movement, even the viewer’s mood.

See Heather's work at

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