Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ellen Greene on Painting Beyond the Canvas

In this episode of The Lisa D Show podcast we talk with artist Ellen Greene about her recent transition into portrait work. Ellen is a trained painter, having attended the Kansas City Art Institute, and is best known for her intricate work leather gloves.

Last year, Ellen gifted a portrait of a dog, shared it on the Internet (as one does) and the commissions for pet portraiture and now human have been fast and steady ever since.

Full disclosure, I am the portrait on the right below.


We talk about the struggle of choice many creatives face when pivoting from one area of focus to another, more lucrative area. If you are still painting, but you are painting pet portraits, have you lost your way as an artist? What I love is Ellen’s perspective on this shift in her work and her openness to the potential new mastery portrait work might bring her painting career.

See more of Ellen’s portrait work at and follow her on Instagram at portraits_by_ellengreene

To see her full body of work and wearable art visit


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