Friday, November 10, 2017

Photographer Jessica Kaplan on The Lisa D Show

Today on The Lisa D Show podcast we talk to photographer Jessica Kaplan, who captures candid portraits, fine art, architecture, people, streets, and more with her iPhone or camera. We talk about Jessica’s journey becoming a photographer, where she cultivates new skills to shoot the images she wants, and we also touch on the skills she uses from a previous life as WTTW line producer to draw out her subjects. The best part of being a photographer so far? Having something “tangible” that allows her to engage with the audience about.

Meet Jessica tonight at Backlot  offee for an opening reception of her work on display thru November. Visit her website and online store at and follow her on Instagram at JessicaKaplanPhotography. We reference the photo below in the interview, "American Gothic".


Thank you for stopping by! I love to capture moments in a style that evokes confidence and intention. My natural light photography has a journalistic feel, featuring rich tones, depth and expert composition, inspired by my background in television news and as a storyteller.

Whether you are looking for an updated headshot, a portrait of your child, inspiring stock or custom photography for your own business, or an expertly framed image to hang on your wall, I am so glad you've stopped by for a visit!

My passion for storytelling began as a tween and evolved at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. That launched my 14-year career in the news business at WTTW, Chicago’s PBS station. Although I'm no longer in news, my passion for connection through storytelling still exists through the lens of my Canon DSLR and my iPhone 6.

I enjoy freezing time by capturing a look, an expression, joys and struggles. I love photographing people of all ages, in active moments or in quiet reflection. I work in both black and white and color, and I love creating natural light candid portraits.

I find inspiration on the street, in a new city, at the beach, in the water, in patterns in the sand. I celebrate wood, rust, texture and geometry. Looking up, looking down, looking into people’s eyes and watching children play are particularly satisfying. Depth and movement provide extra encouragement.

I am patient, yet persistent. I take the time to let a scene develop and evolve until it reveals itself to me. This results in a photograph with visually pleasing composition, providing a sense of balance, sometimes clean, sometimes gritty. Always compelling. I love excluding the expected and including the unexpected, turning a seemingly mundane scene into a thought-provoking image.

Jessica Kaplan Photography

The Lisa D Show is a podcast celebrating creatives, featuring 20-minute, unedited conversations that mimic the live-radio vibe, very low tech on purpose. Reach out to host Lisa Degliantoni at thelisadshow[at]

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