Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Lindy Stockton, Founder of The Collage Cafe

Lindy Stockton is the founder of The Collage Cafe in Evanston, a creative studio space focused on inspiring and motivating people. In this interview we follow Lindy’s journey from corporate change manager to artist and change manager for her community.

The Collage Cafe used to be on Sherman Ave. with a retail storefront and has recently moved to West Evanston on Florence Ave. Ditching the retail component and focusing 100% on art and supporting people into a more creative life, Lindy’s new space allows for people to enjoy creative self expression from classes, to open studio time to girl’s night. Images below feature a look inside the studio and Baxter!

In 2018 The Collage Cafe is adopting a new business model, quarterly membership, where people can choose from a menu of creative activities to engage with the studio. Like most of the endeavors Lindy has chosen in the last several years, she will try this one on for size, see how it goes and if it leads to the creative freedom both herself and her customers need, it will be a success!

Learn more online at or visit Lindy in person at 1129 Florence Ave. in Evanston.


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