Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Lisa D Show with William Scott Eason of The Art of Evolution Theatre

William Scott Eason founded The Art of Evolution Theatre in 2013, to provide youth of all ages and quality adult theatre experiences. a quality theatre experience by producing works that deal with the issues of religion/spirituality, sexual orientation, gender, race, and age in a way that encompasses how we as a society have evolved on said topics.

Thursday, April 27, 7p.m., the public is invited to the Community Theatre at Family Focus (2010 Dewey Ave.) to see "Ms. JoAnn, Can You Read Me A Story?", four short plays devoted to Joann Avery's 35 years of service at at Family Focus.

Learn how Eason is teaching youth the social skills needed to thrive and be directed, in life and in theatre. Also hear how theatre is transformative for youth and the directors they works with.

Learn ore at www.artofevolutiontheatre.org


 The Lisa D Show is a podcast celebrates creatives. Listen to 20 minute, unedited conversations with host Lisa D. and the creatives who make our world a more connected, interesting and beautiful place to live. Podcasts will be posted at thelisadshow.blogspot.com and on Sound Cloud at @lisa-degliantoni

This podcast is recorded at 1100 Florence, an art event space in West Evanston, IL, owned and operated by Lisa Degliantoni and Dave Ford. It is a former Polish Grocery store, probably not the BEST place to record a podcast (boomy to say the least) but we're new and it will get better. Reach out to thelisadshow[at]gmail.com

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