Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Lisa D Show with Bob Chiarito

We are living in the days of "fake news" and self-publishing, a landscape that makes consuming media very tricky. One man has taken it upon himself and get creative about content prodcution and write and assign stories that matter in the community he loves, Chicago. Meet Bob Chiarito of The Chicago Ambassador on This Lisa D Show, where we talk about how he strings together a career covering news for print (NOT a thing of the past) and how we finds time to chase, write and publish the stories he loves.

Chiarito is the Editor of The Chicago Ambassador, an online publication and the source for all-things Chicago. The Chicago Ambassador is published on the WordPress platform, but it is not a blog, it is a publication put together by traditional press veterans who adhere to AP Stylebook guidelines and the best practices of traditional journalism. Learn more at

Chiarito is a journalist and lifelong Chicagoan. After graduating with a degree in journalism from Columbia College in Chicago, (I attended SIU in Carbondale for two years before transferring to Columbia). Bob worked for The City News Bureau of Chicago, where some of the country’s best reporters got their start. (covered mostly homicides there). After City News, Bob worked for The Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, covering Chicago’s legal community.

Currently Bob freelances for the Chicago Tribune, Thomson Reuters, The New York Times., The Daily Herald and DNAInfo and Vice. In addition, he runs an online publication called The Chicago Ambassador, which features local stories and interviews.


The Lisa D Show is a podcast celebrates creatives. Listen to 20 minute, unedited conversations with host Lisa D. and the creatives who make our world a more connected, interesting and beautiful place to live. Podcasts will be posted at and on Sound Cloud at @lisa-degliantoni

This podcast is recorded at 1100 Florence, an art event space in West Evanston, IL, owned and operated by Lisa Degliantoni and Dave Ford. It is a former Polish Grocery store, probably not the BEST place to record a podcast (boomy to say the least) but we're new and it will get better. Reach out to thelisadshow[at]

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