Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Lisa D Show with Artist Zafar Malik

Listen to a conversation with visual artist Zafar Malik recorded in his studio at the Noyes Cultural Art Center in Evanston. We discuss his art series on conservation created on found paper like an old catalog cover of Bloomingdale's and a Whole Foods paper bag.

 Born in Pakistan, raised in London and now living in Wilmette, Zafar has a keen sense of how many cultures live and survive. We talk about "soft cultures", nomadic cultures, intentional living, waste and rubbish and what humans "need" and so much more.

Meet Zafar Malik and see his works during the Evanston Made Artist Studio tour, June 3, 12-5p., at this artist studio in the Noyes Cultural Art Center in Evanston. Room 214. His work will also be on display at the Evanston Art Center, June 2-30, learn more at

Zafar Malik is an artist, Director of Publications and Dean for Development and University Relations at East-West University in Chicago. He is also Managing Editor of East-West University’s Center for Policy and Future Studies Journal East-West Affairs. Prior to moving to Chicago in 2000, he was based in London, England and was the Art Director of Arts & The Islamic World, a quarterly journal. He has a studio at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center in Evanston where he paints regularly.

Artist Statement: Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by patterns and shapes. There’s something mystical about the natural relationship and juxtaposition of quite diverse and seemingly random elements that appeals to me. The infinite variety of color, texture, contour, and spatial organization of the natural world inform my aesthetics. I am also acutely aware of the same random pattern of my own existence – attachment, separation, longing, loss, adjustment and compromise. In my work I simply attempt to understand and relate to this profound dichotomy, harmony and balance.

Four of my current art pieces have been published in the current issue of South Asia Quarterly.

"This rich collection of short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction not only achieves Guest Editor Moazzam Sheikh’s goals but also displays the complex issues of identity and language, diaspora and migration, culture and history, gender and sexuality, experienced today by South Asian American writers. Immigrant identities are almost always in flux, but in their century-old presence in North America, South Asians have not settled on one particular approach to their diverse lives. This “unruly bunch” loves “to talk, argue, holler,” not always choosing to learn from other ethnic and racial histories. Readers, South Asians and others, will have a chance to discover themselves in the voices they hear in these pages.” --Amritjit Singh, Langston Hughes Professor of English, Ohio University.

The Lisa D Show is a podcast celebrates creatives. Listen to 20 minute, unedited conversations with host Lisa D. and the creatives who make our world a more connected, interesting and beautiful place to live. Podcasts will be posted at and on Sound Cloud at @lisa-degliantoni
This podcast is recorded at 1100 Florence, an art event space in West Evanston, IL, owned and operated by Lisa Degliantoni and Dave Ford. It is a former Polish Grocery store, probably not the BEST place to record a podcast (boomy to say the least) but we're new and it will get better. Reach out to thelisadshow[at]

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