Thursday, March 25, 2010

3.25.10 Today’s Guest

Today on “The Lisa D Show” we’ll feature a live interview with Sito Negron. Currently a reporter at the El Paso Inc., Negron has been a longtime contributor to El Paso’s media community as an investigative reporter, editor with publications such as The El Paso Times, Stanton Street Weekly, The Las Vegas Sun and

Recently Negron lost his mother Susan Klahr to cancer and she leaves behind her husband David and sons Sito and Arlo. Susan Klahr was a prolific painter and art teacher at UTEP, and will be honored with a retrospective at the YISD Fine Arts Gallery, Galeria Senecu. More information on this Friday’s reception is at the bottom of this post.

Today’s interview with Sito will focus on his career, how he will honor his mother’s legacy and his plans to continue to provide El Pasoans with compelling journalism projects. In addition to being a personal friend of mine, Sito and I have worked together on numerous projects and we will conduct today’s interview in a loose and easy fashion. If it gets too chummy and you feel left out, call the show at 915-8804376 and reign us in!


The YISD Fine Arts Gallery, Galeria Senecu, 8455 Alameda, EP,TX 79907, will be showcasing "Susan Klahr: A Retrospective" from March 25-April 23, 2010. The Opening Reception will be this Friday, March 26, from 5:30-7:30 p.m. There will be acoustic guitar and violin by Arlo & Aisling, and refreshments.

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