Friday, April 27, 2018

Joanna Kramer Launches WARE Ceramics Studio in West Evanston (and takes over the Ceramics World)

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Joanna Kramer is a bit of a legend in the ceramics arena and has several exciting projects on the horizon. She's a legend because Chelsea Clinton was recently gifted one of Joanna's "Never the less She Persisted" mugs at an ETHS event (not the F word mug), which her 7 yo daughter helped make happen, so the legendary status doesn't fall far from the tree. And this month she's opening up WARE, her very own ceramics studio in West Evanston where she'll collaborate and share space with artists like Julia Finlayson and Ben Blount.

Listen to a candid conversation with Joanna in her new space on Wesley Ave. as we discuss how each organic step of leveling up has led Joanna to where she is today.

R-Rated warning....Below is one of her best selling mugs, the F word mug, which you can purchase May 5 & 6 at 1100 Florence Ave. in Evanston.

About Joanna Kramer,

Joanna Kramer makes functional ceramics...pieces to be integrated into everyday life...a bowl for your cereal, a vase for your favorite flowers...She  encourages people to interact with her work and not let them sit on a shelf.  Get to know the intricacies of something handmade  by finding fingerprints, brushstrokes, and other markings. Joanna has developed some deep relationships with a couple of mugs.

Joanna's background is in Social Work and Art Therapy, but is currently focusing on ceramics. She teaches ceramics at an elementary school, sells work locally, and spends as much time as she can in the studio.  Joanna also teacher clay workshops called Wine, Women, and Mud.  To sign up, go to


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