Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Lisa D Show with Ken Krimstein, Unedited

The Lisa D Show podcast features 20 minute, unedited conversations with creatives. 

Our guest Ken Krimstein is a Writer, Cartoonist, Right fielder, Professor in the College of Communications at DePaul University in Chicago, father, neighbor, husband, citizen and friend. 

We talk about Ken's work as a cartoonist for the New Yorker, one of the most competitive creative endeavors anyone can pursue. The cartoon below, published in the Harvard Business Review this month, is referred to in the interview and a strong example of Ken's talent.

Because this interview is unedited it plays like a live-radio interview, it's 100% authentic and flawed which is why we kept the part where Ken spilled hot coffee on his leg (7:59) and "yeows" really loud. 

See Ken's work at

The Lisa D Show is recorded in a former Polish Grocery Store in West Evanston, IL, this podcast celebrates creatives. Listen to 20 minute, unedited conversations with host Lisa D. and the creatives who make our world a more connected, interesting and beautiful place to live. Podcasts will be posted on this blog and on,

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