Friday, September 17, 2010

Artprize Truck Drawing 2010

Dave Ford hit the road for Grand Rapids, MI, today where he'll compete in Artprize 2010. Voting begins Sept. 22, photos and updates coming!

Click here to see photos from the Bon Voyage send off party!

Truck Drawing Info:

Truck Drawing: El Paso TX to Grand Rapids MI

Art form: 2-D, Performance

Medium: graphite on paper

Year created: Work not created yet

Description of work: The Truck Drawings document found energy over hundreds of miles in the back of a truck. Interested not only in communicating with common activity, driving trucks all day as an art handler, supplied me with an environment to cure marks on paper in my daily world. Not punch-the-clock waiting to make art later in the studio, but be creative, live on the spot. A return empty-truck trip to New York from Dallas, provided the first ‘canvas.’ Over paper taped to the truck’s bed were 120 suspended water bottle pendulums, each with their own graphite tip. These would individually make their unique marks dependant on the weight of water level, grade of graphite and length of leash. Aesthetic concerns are addressed initially in the compositional arrangement of light and dark pencils, then adjustments on the road. At the Truck Drawings core, however, is “letting go”, allowing other forces to contribute. The results are map like, echoing their conception. Viva, El Paso to Grand Rapids!

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