Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8.10.10: Today's Show

Today on "The Lisa D Show" at noon on KHRO 1150 AM we will talk about where it is you eat and drink when downtown for the Plaza Classic Film Festival. Ruli's, Azulejo's, The Garden, El Pisto?

According to one listener there are lots of options such as Pot au Feu, Cafe Central, Oasis, The Dome Bar @ Hotel Camino Real, Fire @ the Doubletree or The El Paso Club. According to yet another listener there's only one dining option during the festival and that's The Drifter. Says listener of the Drifter, "basically The Drifter is an awesome food mobile made from an old Streamline Camper...They sell high quality international street food. They also have a breakfast and s kid's menu. They always try to support small companies as much as possible. They sell Zapps brand chips instead of Frito Lay and Hansons soda instead of Coke or Pepsi. They try to be as Eco friendly as possible by using recycled items, corn based cups, bamboo fry boats." How awesome does the Drifter sound? Well, today we will talk to the owners of The Drifter, Reid Hanson and Ian Atkins. They will be live in the studio talking up their exciting new business venture and they might also be serving up delicious food!

Today let's hear from you, where you eat and drink when in Downtown El Paso. And we'll do our best to call into some of these establishments for menu items and news on dining specials.

If you know of a new place to eat and drink, please call the show at 915.880.4376 or email me at thelisadshow@gmail.com, in the name of good food, keep me abreast!

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  1. Where can I find the drifter? Sounds quite tasty!