Friday, February 2, 2018

Journey Shannon of Noir d'Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie

 Journey Shannon is the Chocolate Artist behind Noir d'Ebene Chocolat et Patisserie, an online boutique of mouth-melting deliciousness. She works out of the commercial kitchen in the basement of the Family Focus building in Evanston, where her creations range from turtles to chocolate dipped coconut macaroons, all made from scratch.

Born and raised in Evanston, Journey attend after school programs at Family Focus in her youth, and returns to the building in adulthood as a chef and program counselor. Journey is in the building everyday, spending 10-12 hours in the kitchen transforming cacao nibs, flour, eggs, vanilla beans and sugar into delicious chocolates - doing exactly what makes her very happy. Journey shines in the kitchen, singing and smiling; the taste of her chocolates and pastries is evidence she is doing what she loves.

In this interview we talk about Journey’s 7 years in the business, her creative expression through this culinary art and where she plans to grow.

Out of town shoppers can purchase goods direct at Locals can shop for Journey’s chocolates this Feb. 9 and 10, at I Love Evanston Pop Up Sale at 1100 Florence, where tastings and a select variety of chocolates will be available. Learn more at


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