Thursday, December 21, 2017

Melissa Matson, Professional Dancer and Movement Artist

Melissa Matson is a professional dancer/educator and mentor recently transplanted from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Evanston, IL. Matson is a movement artist who works with people to bring out their inner radiance. Founder of Embodied Living, Matson uses the Alexander Technique to work with groups and individuals to increase physical and emotional well being as well as enhance creativity and stage presence. Learn more about her practice at

This January Matson partners with musician Preston Klick to host Body High at Foster Dance Studios. For two hours Matson and Klik (longtime Chicago DJ + meditation leader) will guide attendees through this dance meditation journey. Sign up at

The Lisa D Show is a podcast celebrating creatives, featuring 20-minute, unedited conversations that mimic the live-radio vibe, very low tech on purpose. Reach out to host Lisa Degliantoni at thelisadshow[at]

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