Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Amanda Evanston, Painter of Canvases and Garage Doors

Meet Amanda Evanston, a prolific painter and supporter of the arts. She is a resident of Evanston, IL, and moves most of her work via her website amandaevanston.com.

On this episode we talk about making a living as an artist (she sells work online and teaches workshops) and cultivating a community of art lovers. We also weave in several good quotes from Amanda's mother, who was a huge fan of beautifying your living space with original art.

For those of you living in the area, you can meet Amanda Evanston on Oct. 14, during the Evanston Art Tour (click here for the map), 12-5 p.m., where she'll turn her front porch into an art gallery at the corner of Dempster and Florence. Learn more at evanstonmade.com

Lastly, Amanda recently created a mural of flowers on her garage doors, which you can see driving south down Florence from Dempster. We are grateful for artists like Amanda who share their talent with the city they live in.


"The Lisa D Show" is a podcast celebrating creatives, featuring 20-minute, unedited conversations that mimic the live-radio vibe, very low tech on purpose. Reach out to host Lisa Degliantoni at thelisadshow[at]gmail.com

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