Friday, August 18, 2017

Terry Gant, Part 2, on the Black Panther and Diversity in Comics

In part two of our conversation with Terry Gant of Third Coast Comics in Chicago, we talk about the Black Panther comic series and Terry's top picks. 

The Black Panther comic character (around since the 1960s) has recently jumped into the mainstream comics chatter thanks to an upcoming movie (Feb. 2018), a hip young artist singing the theme song (Kweku Collins, ETHS alum) and an intro by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Check out the trailer for Marvel's Black Panther movie here.

Listen to Terry wax poetic on Black Panther and how comics embrace and dismiss diversity trends in the last 20 years.

Terry’s Bio

Terry Gant of the South Side Gants, is the owner of Third Coast Comics in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. In the summer of 2008 Third Coast Comics became a “Brick and Mortar” operation and has been a thorn in the side of boredom and complacency ever since.

The original business model of local delivery of comics to you at your home, workplace or favorite bar resembled the business model of an industrious drug dealer and proved to be just as sustainable.

Terry earned his BA in Marketing (focusing on geeks) from DePaul University and would consider a MA in Marketing (again to geeks) if he ever planned to get another day job, which he hopes he never has to do.

Terry is 50% of all of the African American comic book retailers in the Midwest and has been paid to play Dungeons & Dragons. He has also parlayed all of his nerd cred into about 30 minutes and 20 seconds on both NPR and Good Morning America in the past year.

Terry is also co-host of Stakes is High: THE Black Nerd Podcast, is obsessed with heavy metal, 80's new wave, pro wrestling and the video game, Skyrim.


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