Thursday, August 24, 2017

Katherine Gotsick with Main Dempster Mile

I often ask the question ... can a neighborhood have a personality? Yes it can! Here's how...

I have watched with interest the Main Demspter Mile SSA in Evanston come to life in the last several years. (SSA = special services area). Last November MDM hired Executive Director Katherine Gotsick and she has brought a certain kind of energy and creativity to her job. It's an exciting time for the MDM SSA!

In this interview we talk about how MDM is making positive changes to the commercial strip of Chicago Ave. in Evanston from South Blvd. to Greenwood, east/west on Dempster and east/west on Main. The MDM Vision: To be a creative urban environment with an iconic small town personality. These changes include creative place making projects (a mural by Ruben Aguirre thanks to Evanston Mural Arts Program outdoor seating, donation stations, etc.), fundraisers (Charity Wine Walk), Small Business Saturday and more.


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