Thursday, June 14, 2018

Erin Hayden's Art Installation and Career are worthy of an audience

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Erin Hayden creates a thoughtful and playful art installation with her husband Jeff Robinson at the Evanston Art Center side parking lot this June, Sell Me Direct.

Saturday, June 16 at 1p, at the Evanston Art Center, NOT FOR SALE a series of performances by Max Guy, Kandis Friesen, Shai-Lee Horodii, HyunJung Jun, Christopher Smith, David Sprecher, Titus Wonsey and Erin Hayden at the SIDE/LOT of Evanston Art Center.

Artist talk to follow with Jeff Robinson about their current installation Sell Me Direct, curated by Anne Hayden Stevens and Mat Rappaport.

In this conversation we cover everything that is occupying this young artist’s busy life and career; her current body of her, her very performative video work, her experience at Northwestern’s MFA program, why living in Evanston works at this stage of her career, her recent brush with fame being named one of the New City Breakout Artists 2018: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers, her work in an upcoming group show at the MCA and Heaven Gallery and so much more.

Check out her body of work at

Project Background

Sell Me Direct presents a two-person outdoor installation at the Evanston Art Center by Erin Hayden and Jeff Robinson. The work engages the east side of the Evanston Art Center facing the entrance, and will be installed on the building facade and gravel area that separates the building from the parking lot. Based on systems of spending and navigating, Erin Hayden and Jeff Robinson propose to each install a set of 3 pairs of interrelated works. Hayden’s installation consists of 3 large banners that fill the height of the EAC wall. Each banner consists of digitally collaged images which playfully navigate transitional retail spaces; from car to shop. Robinson’s installation will be located in front of the banner wall on the gravel area that separates the building facade from the parking lot. This work will consist of 3 sculptures (approx. 6ft tall), containing imagery culled from highway, road, and parking signage. In contrast to Hayden’s flat hanging mesh ground, Robinson’s work will consist of sculptural material meant to be viewed straight on, like the way we watch television, ready to consume all its messages. Erin Hayden and Jeff Robinson both explore the colloquial language of our urban context in their work.

The exhibition is curated by Mat Rappaport and Anne Hayden Stevens, curators of the Terrain Biennial in Evanston, at the invitation of Paula Danoff of the Evanston Art Center. In this installation, designed specifically for Side/Lot at Evanston Made, the two artists exploit the liminal state of the parking lot. Robinson's sculptures point to the anxiety and heightened awareness we feel when in transition. Hayden's large banners explore the anticipation of acquisition: the excitement we feel when we walk into a place to make or buy something. As curators, we appreciate the way these two pieces enhance each other while having distinct visual language. The scale and visual vocabulary are harmonious with the outdoor site. The full installation is both whimsical and reflective, aesthetically powerful and gently humorous.

Erin’s Bio

Erin Hayden is an interdisciplinary artist predominantly working in painting, performance, poetry, video, and installation. Her work has been exhibited in various cities across the US and abroad including at Stony Island Arts Bank, and Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino. Solo exhibitions of her paintings and video work has been shown at Mana Contemporary Chicago, and Randy Alexander Gallery. She has been an artist resident at the Ragdale Foundation, the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity and is a Luminarts Fellow. She has been featured in reviews and publications such as, Frieze, Chicago Tribune, Lori Waxman's 60wrd/min art critic, and NewCity Art as a 2018 Breakout Artist. She received her MFA in Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University and is currently living and working in Chicago.


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