Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Kristin Mariani at the Evanston Art Center for SHAPE OF NOW

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Kristin Mariani is the third artist to participate in the Shape of Now Fashion Residency hosted by the Evanston Art Center. THE FAIR brings together independent fashion designers artisans and collectives to present their current spring/summer collections in a unique sales event benefiting the Evanston Art Center.

In this podcast we talk about making art in a public setting during her residency and working in a home studio connected to her life. Mariani is a prolific artist, with an interesting take on fashion, fiber and art. 

Mariani is an Adjunct Assistant Professor Fashion Design and working artist, known for her collection of wearable art pieces made from upcycled leathers and numerous installations.

Kristin Mariani is a Chicago based dressmaker, designer and artist. In her art and design practice she investigates hidden layers of labor discovered inside found cloth and garments, incorporating physical responses to material that emphasize process, chance, and patience. In 2000 she founded her label RedShift; a line of contemporary couture created from salvaged materials and found garments. She is faculty at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and maintains an interdisciplinary practice creating works for dance, performance, and installation.
Contact - info@redshiftcouture.com

 Visit her website to shop for couture wears and see Kristin's body of work: www.redshiftcouture.com

The Evanston Art Center is hosting a week of events:

SHAPE OF NOW: The Fair, a unique art-meets-fashion pop-up
March 14–18, 2018
OPENING RECEPTION: Wed March 14 5-8pm THE FAIR HOURS: Thu-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat-Sun 11am-3pm
PANEL DISCUSSION: Sat March 17 1pm

THE FAIR brings together independent fashion designers artisans and collectives to present their current spring/summer collections in a unique sales event benefiting the Evanston Art Center. As a part of the ongoing SHAPE OF NOW fashion residency series curated by Katrin Schnabl, the public will have the opportunity to shop a curated selection of fashion, accessories and objects created by the participating designers and guest artists at THE FAIR, a unique art-meets-fashion pop-up showroom at the Evanston Art Center.

Featured designers include Abigail Glaum-Lathbury of the Rational Dress Society, Alex Ulichny, Ayrun Dismuke with Misanthrope, Kristin Mariani/RedShift, Sky Cubacub, Jake Vogds & Compton Quashie as Radical Visibility Collective, Katrin Schnabl and invited guest designers Anna Brown, Andrea Reynders and Gillion Carrara who also make up the collective We Are Material; Jamie Hayes with Production Mode, Gerry Quinton with Morua, both also together as Department of Curiosities, as well as Jack Cave and Anke Loh.

THE FAIR is presented as part of the yearlong Fashion Residency SHAPE OF NOW, a multi-disciplinary project focused on illuminating the creative process behind the work of fashion designers, artists and artisans curated by Katrin Schnabl.

Each collection offers a unique and refined point-of-view, with garments and items that are carefully crafted in small series. Whether the focus is on accessibility and collaboration through fashion as championed by the bright and playful, yet serious work of Radical Visibility Collective, sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices via ‘slow fashion’ as in Jamie Hayes’ Production Mode, technological innovation seen in Anke Loh’s knitwear, or on elevating the sensual materiality of garments and objects through artisanal attention, such as Gillion Carrara’s jewelry as well as Andrea Reynders’ and Anna Brown’s collections, new design forms are articulated through these careful considerations. By doing so, designers open up new ways of collaboration and collective engagement, and create fashion as an opportunity to participate and express our identity by connection to what is important to us.

A panel discussion during THE FAIR offers a window into the creative practices of our designers, who will be on hand to introduce their work and to share insights into their processes and stories.


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