Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Lisa D Show with Dana De Ano

Dana De Ano is a visual artist living and creating works in Evanston, IL. Her work hangs on walls, but has three dimensional elements, using domestic castaways sewn onto paper resulting in captivating and playful landscapes, always with a tiny house somewhere in the composition.
An alum of the Art Institute of Chicago, De Ano has always made room in her life to create art, is incredibly prolific, shows at galleries across the Midwest and has works in numerous personal and professional art collections. Recently De Ano’s work has undergone a change in both size (she’s stretching herself) and color, the results are fantastic, images below.
In this conversation we talk about De Ano’s creative routine, how domestic castaways like dryer lint inspire her and why size matters. 
 See her body of work at and reach out direct for a studio visit, De Ano welcomes the conversation and chance to engage around her work.
 The Lisa D Show is a podcast celebrates creatives. Listen to 20 minute, unedited conversations with host Lisa D. and the creatives who make our world a more connected, interesting and beautiful place to live. Podcasts will be posted at

This podcast is recorded at 1100 Florence, an art event space in West Evanston, IL, owned and operated by Lisa Degliantoni and Dave Ford. It is a former Polish Grocery store, probably not the BEST place to record a podcast (boomy to say the least) but we're new and it will get better. Reach out to thelisadshow[at]

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