Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Lisa D Show with Cara Dawn, unedited

Cara Dawn is a Chicago native who has been singing since she was a child. After touring the United States, including an overseas USO tour, she returned to the states and began performing locally. She was a rising voice in the Chicago music scene when she stepped off stage to focus her time on raising her son. In 2011 Cara realized that she could no longer go without music in her life.

Her return to the stage has been well received, performing at various venues and events around the city. Cara has been working with a core group of musicians regularly for the last year and performs with them when not doing her solo projects or guest spots. She has been honing her songwriting skills and is currently working on her first solo album due out by the end of this year. Cara Dawn sings from her soul in every performance crafting a truly unique experience for the listener. 

This conversation follows Cara through the various stages of her singing career, examining how singing played a critical role in moments of personal “failure”, lifting her and giving her focus. And how the time off stage informed who she was as a singer in this new phase. 

I am grateful to Cara for sharing her journey with such openness and authenticity, so that others further down the ladder can she how truly you must climb the ladder rung by rung, no one starts on top.

Listen to Cara’s music online at

Upcoming live performances in Chicago; 
  • February 15,  6-8 p.m. at House of Blues
  • March 1,  Chop Shop
  • March 20, Promontory in Hyde Park

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  1. Love hearing Cara's beautiful voice!!! Congratulations Cara on all you do! You are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing your voice with the world!!!